RRC ID 79217
Author Mukherjee A, Andrés Jeske Y, Becam I, Taïeb A, Brooks P, Aouad J, Monguillon C, Conduit PT.
Title γ-TuRCs and the augmin complex are required for the development of highly branched dendritic arbors in Drosophila.
Journal J Cell Sci
Abstract Microtubules are nucleated by γ-tubulin ring complexes (γ-TuRCs) and are essential for neuronal development. Nevertheless, γ-TuRC depletion has been reported to perturb only higher-order branching in elaborated Drosophila larval class IV dendritic arborization (da) neurons. This relatively mild phenotype has been attributed to defects in microtubule nucleation from Golgi outposts, yet most Golgi outposts lack associated γ-TuRCs. By analyzing dendritic arbor regrowth in pupae, we show that γ-TuRCs are also required for the growth and branching of primary and secondary dendrites, as well as for higher-order branching. Moreover, we identify the augmin complex (hereafter augmin), which recruits γ-TuRCs to the sides of pre-existing microtubules, as being required predominantly for higher-order branching. Augmin strongly promotes the anterograde growth of microtubules in terminal dendrites and thus terminal dendrite stability. Consistent with a specific role in higher-order branching, we find that augmin is expressed less strongly and is largely dispensable in larval class I da neurons, which exhibit few higher-order dendrites. Thus, γ-TuRCs are essential for various aspects of complex dendritic arbor development, and they appear to function in higher-order branching via the augmin pathway, which promotes the elaboration of dendritic arbors to help define neuronal morphology.
Volume 137(9)
Published 2024-5-1
DOI 10.1242/jcs.261534
PII 346535
PMID 38606636
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