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Author Nakamura Y, Kaneko T, Asamizu E, Kato T, Sato S, Tabata S.
Title Structural analysis of a Lotus japonicus genome. II. Sequence features and mapping of sixty-five TAC clones which cover the 6.5-mb regions of the genome.
Journal DNA Res
Abstract Sixty-five TAC (transformation-competent artificial chromosomes) clones were selected from a genomic library of Lotus japonicus accession MG-20 based on the sequence information of expressed sequences tags (ESTs), cDNA and gene information, and their nucleotide sequences were determined. The average insert size of the TAC clone was approximately 100 kb, and the total length of the sequenced regions in this study is 6,556,100 bp. Together with the nucleotide sequences of 56 TAC clones previously reported, the regions sequenced so far total 12,029,295 bp. By comparison with the sequences in protein and EST databases and by analysis with computer programs for gene modeling, a total of 711 potential protein-encoding genes with known or predicted functions, 239 gene segments and 90 pseudogenes were identified in the newly sequenced regions. The average gene density assigned so far was 1 gene/9140 bp. The average length of the assigned genes was 2.6 kb, which is considerably larger than that assigned in the Arabidopsis thaliana genome (1.9 kb for 6451 genes). Introns were identified in approximately 73% of the potential genes, and the average number and length of the introns per gene were 3.4 and 377 bp, respectively. Simple sequence repeat length polymorphism (SSLP) or derived cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence (dCAPS) markers were generated based on the nucleotide sequences of the genomic clones obtained, and each clone was mapped onto the linkage map using the F2 mapping population derived from a cross of two accessions of L. japonicus, Gifu B-129 and Miyakojima MG-20. The sequence data, gene information and mapping information are available through the World Wide Web at http://www.kazusa.or.jp/lotus/.
Volume 9(2)
Pages 63-70
Published 2002-4-30
DOI 10.1093/dnares/9.2.63
PMID 12056416
MeSH Chromosome Mapping* Chromosomes, Artificial Chromosomes, Plant* Genome, Plant Lotus / genetics* Open Reading Frames Plant Proteins / genetics Retroelements Sequence Analysis, DNA* Species Specificity
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Lotus / Glycine L: 65 TAC Clones