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Wheat KU-3687 , KU-3688 , KU-3698 , KU-10479 , KU-3712 , KU-3728 , KU-3731 , KU-190-1 , KU-3735 , KU-3738 , ... MIG-seq is an effective method for high-throughput genotyping in wheat (Triticum spp.).
GBIF Plant specimens of Ishikawa Museum of Natural History , Long-term fauna and flora records of the experimental forests of the Forest Research Station of Hokkaido University, Japan , Plant specimens of Toyota City Nature Sanctuary , Plant specimens of Tochigi Prefectural Museum , Plant specimens of Nasunogahara Museum , Plant specimens of Otaru Museum , Plant specimens of Komatsu City Museum , Plant specimens of Horaiji-san Museum of Natural History Toji K. collection , The 6-7th National Survey on the Natural Environment: Vegetation Survey , Herbaceous and arboreous plants list on the Komaba Campus of University of Tokyo, Japan , ... Homoeologous evolution of the allotetraploid genome of Poa annua L.
Barley Akashiniki genome assembly Genome-Wide Identification and Transcriptional Expression Profiles of PP2C in the Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Pan-Genome.
Barley OUH602 assembly and seed sample Genome-Wide Analysis of Snf2 Gene Family Reveals Potential Role in Regulation of Spike Development in Barley
GBIF Plant specimens of Ishikawa Museum of Natural History , Plant specimens of Toyota City Nature Sanctuary , Plant specimens of Horaiji-san Museum of Natural History Toji K. collection , Vascular plant specimens of Akita Prefectural Museum , Vascular plants database of Atsugi City Museum , Herbarium, University Archives and Collections, Fukushima University, Japan (FKSE) , Angiospermatatophytina Collection of Saitama Museum of Natural History , Vascular plant specimens of Iida City Museum , Vascular Plant Collection of Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba , Herbarium Specimens of Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo Pref., Japan , ... The ecology of palm genomes: repeat-associated genome size expansion is constrained by aridity.
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes pdp19736 The d-mannose/l-galactose pathway is the dominant ascorbate biosynthetic route in the moss Physcomitrium patens.
Rice W1169 , W1402 , W1514 , W1588 , W1625 Ancient Endogenous Pararetroviruses in Oryza Genomes Provide Insights into the Heterogeneity of Viral Gene Macroevolution.
Rice W0106 , W0002 , W0003 , W1167 , W0008 , W0001 , W0551 , W1529 , W1345 , W0510 Functional kaurene-synthase-like diterpene synthases lacking a gamma domain are widely present in Oryza and related species.
Wheat Chinese Spring and its aneuploid stocks The transcriptional landscape of polyploid wheat.
Tomato TOMJPF00001(Micro-Tom) Efficient base editing in tomato using a highly expressed transient system.
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes pst00853 Small RNA-mediated repair of UV-induced DNA lesions by the DNA DAMAGE-BINDING PROTEIN 2 and ARGONAUTE 1.
Wheat Chinese Spring Towards reducing the immunogenic potential of wheat flour: omega gliadins encoded by the D genome of hexaploid wheat may also harbor epitopes for the serious food allergy WDEIA.
Wheat Durum wheat genome highlights past domestication signatures and future improvement targets.
Lotus / Glycine L. japonicus Lotus japonicus Genetic, Mutant, and Germplasm Resources.
Rice W1943 , W2112 Genomes of 13 domesticated and wild rice relatives highlight genetic conservation, turnover and innovation across the genus Oryza.
Rice O.longistaminata (W1413) Overcoming the species hybridization barrier by ploidy manipulation in the genus Oryza.
Morning Glory AK77 Alteration of flower colour in Ipomoea nil through CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mutagenesis of carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 4.
Barley Haruna Nijo , H602 Exome QTL-seq maps monogenic locus and QTLs in barley.
Barley オオムギ系統 Analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms based on RNA sequencing data of diverse bio-geographical accessions in barley.
Barley Haruna Nijo , H602 Mitochondrial genome sequences from wild and cultivated barley (Hordeum vulgare).