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General Microbes JCM 14557 Comprehensive analysis of biosynthetic gene clusters in bacteria and discovery of Tumebacillus as a potential producer of natural products.
Lotus / Glycine Norin2 , Glycine soja accession (B01167) Reaction norm for genomic prediction of plant growth: modeling drought stress response in soybean
Human and Animal Cells PC-9(RCB4455) Microfluidics-free single-cell genomics with templated emulsification.
Drosophila Functional Studies of Genetic Variants Associated with Human Diseases in Notch Signaling-Related Genes Using Drosophila.
Medaka Kiyosu (WS1177) Genomic variations and epigenomic landscape of the Medaka Inbred Kiyosu-Karlsruhe (MIKK) panel.
General Microbes JCM30475 , JCM14081 , JCM16430 , JCM16055 , JCM18368 Haloplanus rubicundus sp. nov., an extremely halophilic archaeon isolated from solar salt.
General Microbes JCM12453 Development of Candida auris Short Tandem Repeat Typing and Its Application to a Global Collection of Isolates.
General Microbes JCM33182 Nocardioides jejuensis sp. nov., isolated from soil.
General Microbes JCM17468 , JCM6170 Description of Erythrobacter mangrovi sp. nov., an aerobic bacterium from rhizosphere soil of mangrove plant (Kandelia candel).
General Microbes JCM32673 Lacisediminihabitans profunda gen. nov., sp. nov., a member of the family Microbacteriaceae isolated from freshwater sediment.
General Microbes JCM32760 Paraclostridium dentum, a novel species with pathogenic features isolated from human dental plaque sample.
Medaka IB178 HdrR-II1 , TG141 d-rR-Tg (olvas-GFP) , MT828 Qurt Dynamic transcriptional and chromatin accessibility landscape of medaka embryogenesis.
Human and Animal Cells TGBC24TKB(RCB1196) , TGBC2TKB(RCB1130) , G-415(RCB2640) Integrated genomic analysis reveals mutated ELF3 as a potential gallbladder cancer vaccine candidate.
General Microbes JCM31740 Complete genome sequence of the Sulfodiicoccus acidiphilus strain HS-1T, the first crenarchaeon that lacks polB3, isolated from an acidic hot spring in Ohwaku-dani, Hakone, Japan.
General Microbes JCM32880 Pontibacter oryzae sp. nov., a carotenoid-producing species isolated from a rice paddy field.
General Microbes JCM32764 Flavobacterium sangjuense sp. nov. isolated from sediment.
Human and Animal Cells 293T(RCB2202) Identification of intermediate-sized deletions and inference of their impact on gene expression in a human population.
Drosophila The in vivo genetic toolkit for studying expression and functions of Drosophila melanogaster microRNAs.
Pathogenic bacteria Unsupervised Learning Approach for Comparing Multiple Transposon Insertion Sequencing Studies.
Barley Core collection Genebank genomics highlights the diversity of a global barley collection.