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Mice RBRC02975 Liver lipophagy ameliorates nonalcoholic steatohepatitis through extracellular lipid secretion.
Mice , DNA material RBRC01834 , CSII-CMV-MCS (RDB04377) , pCMV-VSV-G-RSV-Rev (RDB04393) , pCAG-HIVgp (RDB04394) FOXK1 promotes nonalcoholic fatty liver disease by mediating mTORC1-dependent inhibition of hepatic fatty acid oxidation.
Japanese macaques Vegetable Oil-Peroxidation Product 'Hydroxynonenal' Causes Hepatocyte Injury and Steatosis via Hsp70.1 and BHMT Disorders in the Monkey Liver.
Human and Animal Cells Hep G2 Effects of 2-Methoxyestradiol, a Main Metabolite of Estradiol on Hepatic ABCA1 Expression in HepG2 Cells.
Human and Animal Cells Hep G2 , THP-1 Distinct roles of HMGB1 in the regulation of P‑glycoprotein expression in the liver and kidney of mice with lipopolysaccharide‑induced inflammation.
Human and Animal Cells HuH-7 Gene expression profile of DNA binding protein A transgenic mice.
Human and Animal Cells CHO Antiproliferative property of sphingosine 1-phosphate in rat hepatocytes involves activation of Rho via Edg-5.
Human and Animal Cells NIH3T3-3-4(RCB1862) In vivo role of phosphorylation of cryptochrome 2 in the mouse circadian clock.
Medaka d-rR/TOKYO (MT837) Effects of a selective PPARα modulator, sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor, and statin on the myocardial morphology of medaka nonalcoholic fatty liver disease model.
Human and Animal Cells HuH-7 PPARα regulates the expression of human arylacetamide deacetylase involved in drug hydrolysis and lipid metabolism.
Human and Animal Cells CACO-2(RCB0988) Absorption and Tissue Distribution of Siphonaxanthin from Green Algae.
Human and Animal Cells MRC-5 Skeletal muscle injury induces hepatocyte growth factor expression in spleen.
Human and Animal Cells LLC(RCB0558) Remote solid cancers rewire hepatic nitrogen metabolism via host nicotinamide-N-methyltransferase.
Human and Animal Cells HuH-7 , Hep G2(RCB1648) Identification of interleukin-16 production on tumor aggravation in hepatocellular carcinoma by a proteomics approach.
General Microbes JCM10556 Bupleuri radix extract ameliorates impaired lipid metabolism in high-fat diet-induced obese mice via gut microbia-mediated regulation of FGF21 signaling pathway.
Drosophila HMJ21301 , DGRC#115181 , DGRC#115301 Amelioration of hepatic steatosis by dietary essential amino acid-induced ubiquitination.
Drosophila 4195R-1 , HMS01286 , 1967R-2 , 5109R-1 , 2924R-3 , 5704R-2 , HMS01627 , 31689R-1 , 31671R-2 , 2LG-0040 , ... Examination of Niddm20 candidate genes of OLETF rats in Drosophila melanogaster using inducible GeneSwitch GAL4 system.
Human and Animal Cells Hepa 1-6(RCB1638) Long-Term Dietary Taurine Lowers Plasma Levels of Cholesterol and Bile Acids.
Human and Animal Cells Ba/F3(RCB0805) Sulfated glycosaminoglycan-assisted receptor specificity of human fibroblast growth factor (FGF) 19 signaling in a mouse system is different from that in a human system.
Human and Animal Cells RLC-18(RCB1484) Maternal fructose intake predisposes rat offspring to metabolic disorders via abnormal hepatic programming.