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Zebrafish Tg(Tcf/Lef-miniP:dGFP) Protocol for rapid assessment of the efficacy of novel Wnt inhibitors using zebrafish models.
Human and Animal Cells PC-9(RCB4455) Design, synthesis and evaluation of the osimertinib analogue (C-005) as potent EGFR inhibitor against NSCLC.
Human and Animal Cells TGBC11TKB(RCB1148) Human SHMT inhibitors reveal defective glycine import as a targetable metabolic vulnerability of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.
Human and Animal Cells MKN1(RCB1003) Epigenetic targeting of bromodomain protein BRD4 counteracts cancer cachexia and prolongs survival.
Human and Animal Cells 293(RCB1637) , 8505C(RCB2103) Sorting nexin 5 of a new diagnostic marker of papillary thyroid carcinoma regulates Caspase-2.
Human and Animal Cells Tumor targeting of doxorubicin by anti-MT1-MMP antibody-modified PEG liposomes.
Human and Animal Cells GCIY(RCB0555) , MKN28(RCB1000) , MKN45(RCB1001) , MKN74(RCB1002) Molecular basis for sensitivity and acquired resistance to gefitinib in HER2-overexpressing human gastric cancer cell lines derived from liver metastasis.
Human and Animal Cells ST2(RCB0224) Pathogenic role of connective tissue growth factor (CTGF/CCN2) in osteolytic metastasis of breast cancer.
Human and Animal Cells Cle-H3(RCB0549) , SCCKN(RCB0441) Tenascin: growth and adhesion modulation--extracellular matrix degrading function: an in vitro study.
Human and Animal Cells Mesenchymal stromal cells promote tumor growth through the enhancement of neovascularization.
Human and Animal Cells Yes-associated protein 1 exhibits oncogenic property in gastric cancer and its nuclear accumulation associates with poor prognosis.
Drosophila 1590R-3 Malignant Drosophila tumors interrupt insulin signaling to induce cachexia-like wasting.
DNA material , Human and Animal Cells AxCAmIL10 (RDB1410) , MKN45(RCB1001) Interleukin-10 gene transfer to peritoneal mesothelial cells suppresses peritoneal dissemination of gastric cancer cells due to a persistently high concentration in the peritoneal cavity.