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Rice Collection, preservation and distribution of Oryza genetic resources by the National Bioresource Project RICE (NBRP-RICE)
Rice O. glumaepatula アマゾン川流域に分布する野生イネ(Oryza glumaepatula)がもっている洪水耐性を利用した育種の可能性
Rice W1246 Internodal elongation under submergence in the Amazonian wild rice species Oryza glumaepatula: the growth response is induced by hypoxia but not by ethylene
Rice W2165, W2149, W1183, W1962 Some Accessions of Amazonian Wild Rice (Oryza glumaepatula) Constitutively Form a Barrier to Radial Oxygen Loss along Adventitious Roots under Aerated Conditions.
Rice W0130, W0170, W0610, W1230, W1295, W1818, W1921, W2299, W0120, W0596, W1236, W1292, W1715, W1798, W2052, W2310, W0318, W0141, W0593, W1244, W1294, W1777, W1807, W1973, W2078, W0698, W1432, W1588, W1643, W1196, W1196, W2140, W2192, W2112, W2113, W2115, W2117, W1514, W1582, W1590, W1593, W1402, W1703, W1711 Natural variation of diterpenoid phytoalexins in cultivated and wild rice species.
Rice W0120, W0130, W0138, W0596, W0610, W1230, W1292, W1294, W1295, W2113, W2115, W2117 Natural variation in the expression and catalytic activity of a naringenin 7-O-methyltransferase influences antifungal defenses in diverse rice cultivars.
Rice W0120, W0130, W0138, W0164, W0593, W0596, W0610, W0625, W1230, W1292, W1294, W1295, W2113, W2115, W2117 Variation of diterpenoid phytoalexin oryzalexin A production in cultivated and wild rice.
Rice W1169, W1402, W1514, W1588, W1625 Ancient Endogenous Pararetroviruses in Oryza Genomes Provide Insights into the Heterogeneity of Viral Gene Macroevolution.
Rice W1627 Role of qGZn9a in controlling grain zinc concentration in rice, Oryza sativa L.
Rice Functional kaurene-synthase-like diterpene synthases lacking a gamma domain are widely present in Oryza and related species.
Rice W0630 Genetic evaluation of domestication-related traits in rice: implications for the archaeobotany of rice origins
Rice W0630 Evaluation of Domestication Loci Associated with Awnlessness in Cultivated Rice, Oryza sativa.
Rice The role of wild rice (Oryza rufipogon) awns in seed dispersal
Rice Database OryzaGenome2.1: Database of Diverse Genotypes in Wild Oryza Species.
Rice W0001, W0003, W0008, W0017, W0107, W1177, W1189, W1227, W1315, W1323, W1401, W1474(B), W1473, W1483, W1515, W1525, W1573, W1635, W1805, W2068 他多数 Agrobacterium-Mediated Genetic Transformation of Wild Oryza Species Using Immature Embryos.
Rice MER-ILs[T65] 110 Substitution Mapping of a Locus Responsible for Hybrid Breakdown in Populations Derived From Interspecific Introgression Line
Rice induced mutation line Zipcode RNA-Binding Proteins and Membrane Trafficking Proteins Cooperate to Transport Glutelin mRNAs in Rice Endosperm.
Rice gluIL 109 Domain Unknown Function DUF1668-Containing Genes in Multiple Lineages Are Responsible for F1 Pollen Sterility in Rice
Rice WK1962-IL16, 17 Exploring the Loci Responsible for Awn Development in Rice through Comparative Analysis of All AA Genome Species
Rice Antagonistic regulation of the gibberellic acid response during stem growth in rice.