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Morning Glory 花弁特異的発現ベクター Expression of RsMYB1 in chrysanthemum regulates key anthocyanin biosynthetic genes
Morning Glory 花弁特異的発現ベクター Overexpression of the Raphanus sativus RsMYB1 using the flower-specific promoter (InMYB1) enhances anthocyanin accumulation in flowers of transgenic Petunia and their hybrids
Morning Glory 花弁特異的発現ベクター Cuticle thickness affects dynamics of volatile emission from petunia flowers.
Morning Glory Q510 , Q513 , Q531 , Q532 , Q533 , Q1017 , Q1089 , Q1096 , Q1097 , Q1141 Reduction in organ-organ friction is critical for corolla elongation in morning glory.
Morning Glory IP006 , Q81 , Q1123 Isolation and Culture of Mesophyll Protoplasts of Common Morning Glory (Ipomoea purpurea)
Morning Glory EST clones A conserved strategy of chalcone isomerase-like protein to rectify promiscuous chalcone synthase specificity.
Morning Glory Effects of lisuride and bromocriptine on inhibition of lactation and on serum prolactin levels: comparative double-blind study.
Morning Glory AK29 Generation of Yellow Flowers of the Japanese Morning Glory by Engineering Its Flavonoid Biosynthetic Pathway toward Aurones.
Morning Glory Violet Molecular aspects of flower senescence and strategies to improve flower longevity.
Morning Glory AK1 , AK36 , AK7 , AK138 , Q1075 Recent advances in flower color variation and patterning of Japanese morning glory and petunia.
Morning Glory AK1 , AK10 , AK19 , AK23 , AK31 , AK40 , AK307 , AK311 , Q0055 , Q0114 , ... Anthocyanin mutants of Japanese and common morning glories exhibit normal proanthocyanidin accumulation in seed coats.
Morning Glory pYAS101 Dissecting promoter of InMYB1 gene showing petal-specific expression.
Morning Glory AK77 CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mutagenesis of the EPHEMERAL1 locus that regulates petal senescence in Japanese morning glory.
Morning Glory Gene duplication and mobile genetic elements in the morning glories.
Morning Glory AK77 Overexpression of carotenogenic genes in the Japanese morning glory Ipomoea (Pharbitis) nil.
Morning Glory AK77 Alteration of flower colour in Ipomoea nil through CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mutagenesis of carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 4.
Morning Glory Violet CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mutagenesis of the dihydroflavonol-4-reductase-B (DFR-B) locus in the Japanese morning glory Ipomoea (Pharbitis) nil.
Morning Glory EST clones , BAC clones , AK1 , AK2 , AK4 , AK5 , AK13 , AK14 , AK16 , AK17 , ... Genome sequence and analysis of the Japanese morning glory Ipomoea nil.
Morning Glory DNA clones (InNHX1 , InNHX2) A chimeric repressor of petunia PH4 R2R3-MYB family transcription factor generates margined flowers in torenia.
Morning Glory AK124 A Stowaway transposon disrupts the InWDR1 gene controlling flower and seed coloration in a medicinal cultivar of the Japanese morning glory.