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Algae NIES-19 , NIES-21 , NIES-23 , NIES-40 , NIES-41 , NIES-80 Geographical segregation of the neurotoxin-producing cyanobacterium Anabaena circinalis.
Algae NIES-19 , NIES-31 , NIES-32 , NIES-33 , NIES-34 , NIES-36 , NIES-37 , NIES-38 , NIES-47 , NIES-49 , ... 17. Preservation methods of microalgae (I) [17. Bisaisôrui no hozonhô (I)].
Algae NIES-44 , NIES-23 , NIES-19 , NIES-422 Accelerating of pink pigment excretion from cyanobacterium Oscillatoria by Co-Cultivation with Anabaena.
Algae NIES-19 , NIES-37 , NIES-23 Isolation and characterization of two cyanobacteria-lytic bacterial strains from the submerged paddy soil.
Algae NIES-19 Ecological studies of photo-synthesis and matter production of phytoplankton II. Photosynthesis of algae in relation to light intensity and temperature.
Algae NIES-19 Purification of iron superoxide dismutase from the cyanobacterium Anabaena cylindrica Lemm. and localization of the enzyme in heterocysts by immunogold labeling.
Algae NIES-19 Occurrence of back flow of electrons against the action of photochemical system I in sonicated lamellar fragments.
Algae NIES-19 Ferredoxin-dependent photoreduction of nitrate and nitrite by subcellular preparations of Anabaena cylindrica.
Algae NIES-19 Two structural isomeric siderophores from the freshwater cyanobacterium Anabaena cylindrica (NIES-19).
Algae NIES-19 Heterocyst and nitrogen fixation in Anabaena cylindrica.
Algae NIES-19 Detection of algal lysing biological agents in lakes by the soft-agar overlayer technique.
Algae NIES-19 Observation on the occurrence of microbial agents which cause lysis of blue-green algae in Lake Kasumigaura.
Algae NIES-19 C2H2 reduction and 15N2 fixation in blue-green algae.
Algae NIES-19 Inhibition of Anabaena cylindrica (Cyanophyceae) growth by extracts of water weeds, using the paper disc-agar method.
Algae NIES-298 , NIES-44 , NIES-19 Pseudomonas fluorescens HYK0210-SK09 offers species-specific biological control of winter algal blooms caused by freshwater diatom Stephanodiscus hantzschii.
Algae NIES-19 , NIES-44 , NIES-107 , NIES-23 A novel method using cyanobacteria for ecotoxicity test of veterinary antimicrobial agents.
Algae NIES-23 , NIES-422 , NIES-437 , NIES-44 , NIES-19 Removal of hazardous phenols by microalgae under photoautotrophic conditions.
Algae NIES-19 Transient change in the ATP pool of Anabaena cylindrica associated with ammonia assimilation.
Algae NIES-19 Application of glass fiber paper chromatography to measurement of 15N content of amino acids.
Algae NIES-19 GTP-binding proteins in a cyanobacterium Anabaena cylindrica.