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Algae NIES-39 Gas revitalization by microalgae II. CO2/O2 gas exchange system.
Algae NIES-39 Effective transformation of the cyanobacterium Spirulina platensis using electroporation.
Algae NIES-39 Spawning and egg quality of the tilapia Oreochromis niloticus fed solely on raw Spirulina throughout three generations.
Algae NIES-39 Ammonium assimilation in the blue-green alga Spirulina platensis.
Algae NIES-39 An increase in the intracellular concentration of cAMP triggers formation of an algal mat by the cyanobacterium Spirulina platensis.
Algae NIES-39 γ-linolenic acid production by microalgae.
Algae NIES-39 Development of models of threshold and efficient algal densities for larval and juvenile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus on raw Spirulina.
Algae NIES-48 , NIES-641 , NIES-39 Ingestion and assimilation of three species of freshwater algae by larval tilapia Oreochromis niloticus.
Algae NIES-39 Ingestion, assimilation and utilization of raw Spirulina by larval tilapia Oreochromis niloticus during larval development.
Algae NIES-39 Elucidation of the gas vesicle gene clusters in cyanobacteria of the genus Arthrospira (Oscillatoriales, Cyanophyta) and correlation with ITS phylogeny.
Algae NIES-39 Adsorption of turbid materials by the cyanobacterium Phormidium parchydematicum.
Algae NIES-266 , NIES-267 , NIES-268 , NIES-527 , NIES-94 , NIES-95 , NIES-97 , NIES-419 , NIES-119 , NIES-120 , ... Cryopreservation of cyanobacteria and green algae in the NIES-Collection.
Algae NIES-18 , NIES-19 , NIES-24 , NIES-29 , NIES-31 , NIES-44 , NIES-46 , NIES-74 , NIES-76 , NIES-77 , ... Cryopreservation of microalgae in liquid nitrogen - Survival of algal cultures after freezing.
Algae NIES-39 Promotive effect of 5-aminolevulinic acid on the growth and photosynthesis of Spirulina platensis.
Algae NIES-33 , NIES-230 , NIES-39 Simple method for RNA preparation from cyanobacteria.
Algae NIES-39 Direct conversion of Spirulina to ethanol without pretreatment or enzymatic hydrolysis processes.
Algae NIES-39 Toxicological study of biofuel ethanol with blue green alga Spirulina platensis.
Algae NIES-46 , NIES-39 Phylogenetic relationships of Arthrospira strains inferred from 16S rRNA gene and cpcBA-IGS sequences.
Algae NIES-39 Preparation of docosahexaenoic acid fortified Spirulina platensis and its lipid and fatty acid compositions.
Algae NIES-19 , NIES-31 , NIES-32 , NIES-33 , NIES-34 , NIES-36 , NIES-37 , NIES-38 , NIES-47 , NIES-49 , ... 17. Preservation methods of microalgae (I) [17. Bisaisôrui no hozonhô (I)].