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Chicken / Quail Endothelin receptor B2 (EDNRB2) is responsible for the tyrosinase-independent recessive white (mo(w) ) and mottled (mo) plumage phenotypes in the chicken.
Chicken / Quail Comparison of microsatellite variations between Red Junglefowl and a commercial chicken gene pool.
Chicken / Quail Regulation of seasonal reproduction by hypothalamic activation of thyroid hormone.
Chicken / Quail Recombinant proteins produced into yolk of genetically manipulated chickens are partly sialylated in N-glycan.
Chicken / Quail Primary analysis of DNA polymorphisms in the TRIM region (MHC subregion) of the Japanese quail, Coturnix japonica.
Chicken / Quail Thyroid hormone and seasonal regulation of reproduction.
Chicken / Quail Seasonal time measurement during reproduction.
Chicken / Quail Transgenic chickens.
Chicken / Quail Galactosylation of human erythropoietin produced by chimeric chickens expressing galactosyltransferase.
Chicken / Quail Molecular cloning of chicken TET family genes and role of chicken TET1 in erythropoiesis.
Chicken / Quail The hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis and biological rhythms: The discovery of TSH's unexpected role using animal models.
Chicken / Quail Fertilization 1: Sperm-Egg Interaction.
Chicken / Quail Molecular and Neuroendocrine Mechanisms of Avian Seasonal Reproduction.
Chicken / Quail Seasonal Rhythms: The Role of Thyrotropin and Thyroid Hormones.
Chicken / Quail SIL系 Gene duplication of endothelin 3 is closely correlated with the hyperpigmentation of the internal organs (Fibromelanosis) in silky chickens.
Chicken / Quail ポーリッシュ Inheritance and developmental pattern of cerebral hernia in the crested Polish chicken.
Chicken / Quail Genetic modification of a chicken expression system for the galactosylation of therapeutic proteins produced in egg white.
Chicken / Quail Chicken oviduct-specific expression of transgene by a hybrid ovalbumin enhancer and the Tet expression system.
Chicken / Quail Next-generation sequencing reveals genomic features in the Japanese quail.
Chicken / Quail The mechanism underlying the central glucagon-induced hyperglycemia and anorexia in chicks.