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Pubmed ID 19228594  
RRC ID 11972 
Author Takashima S, Takehashi M, Lee J, Chuma S, Okano M, Hata K, Suetake I, Nakatsuji N, Miyoshi H, Tajima S, Tanaka Y, Toyokuni S, Sasaki H, Kanatsu-Shinohara M, Shinohara T. 
Title Abnormal DNA methyltransferase expression in mouse germline stem cells results in spermatogenic defects. 
Journal Biol. Reprod. 
Published 2009-7 
Volume 81(1) 
Pages 155-64 
DOI 10.1095/biolreprod.108.074708   
PII biolreprod.108.074708 
Apoptosis / genetics
Cells, Cultured
DNA (Cytosine-5-)-Methyltransferase / genetics*
DNA (Cytosine-5-)-Methyltransferase / metabolism
Gene Expression Regulation, Enzymologic
Germ Cells / enzymology
Germ Cells / metabolism*
Infertility, Male / genetics
Mice, Knockout
Spermatogenesis / genetics*
Spermatozoa / abnormalities
Spermatozoa / enzymology
Spermatozoa / metabolism
Stem Cells / enzymology
Stem Cells / metabolism*
Stem Cells / physiology
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Species DNA material 
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AxCANCre (RDB01748

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