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Species Resource name RRC ID Author Title Journal Published Volume Pages Pubmed ID DOI
Rice     47329   Furuta T, Uehara K, Angeles-Shim RB, Shim J, Nagai K, Ashikari M, Takashi T.   Development of chromosome segment substitution lines harboring Oryza nivara genomic segments in Koshihikari and evaluation of yield-related traits.   Breed Sci.   2017 -2 -7   66(5)   845-850   28163601   10.1270/jsbbs.16131  
Barley   barley strains   47955   Yoshikawa T, Tanaka SY, Masumoto Y, Nobori N, Ishii H, Hibara K, Itoh J, Tanisaka T, Taketa S.   Barley NARROW LEAFED DWARF1 encoding a WUSCHEL-RELATED HOMEOBOX 3 (WOX3) regulates the marginal development of lateral organs.   Breed Sci.   2016 -7 -21   66(3)   416-24   27436952   10.1270/jsbbs.16019  
Wheat   TACBOW1 TACBOW13 TACBOW17   36340   Gorafi YS, Eltayeb AE, Tsujimoto H.   Alteration of wheat vernalization requirement by alien chromosome-mediated transposition of MITE.   Breed Sci.   2016 -3   66(2)   181-90   27162490   10.1270/jsbbs.66.181  
Rice   W0106, W0120, W0137, W1551, W1681,W...   35120   Niihama M, Mochizuki M, Kurata N, Nonomura K.   PCR-based INDEL markers co-dominant between Oryza sativa, japonica cultivars and closely-related wild Oryza species.   Breed Sci.   2015 -9   65(4)   357-61   26366120   10.1270/jsbbs.65.357  
Lotus / Glycine   M-5, M24   36714   Hoshino T, Watanabe S, Takagi Y, Anai T.   A novel GmFAD3-2a mutant allele developed through TILLING reduces α-linolenic acid content in soybean seed oil.   Breed Sci.   2014 -12   64(4)   371-7   25914592   10.1270/jsbbs.64.371  
Rice   Glu-IL   47297   Sakata M, Yamagata Y, Doi K, Yoshimura A.   Two linked genes on rice chromosome 2 for F1 pollen sterility in a hybrid between Oryza sativa and O. glumaepatula.   Breed Sci.   2014 -12   64(4)   309-20   25914585   10.1270/jsbbs.64.309  
Rice   W0630   31824   Htun TM, Inoue C, Chhourn O, Ishii T, Ishikawa R.   Effect of quantitative trait loci for seed shattering on abscission layer formation in Asian wild rice Oryza rufipogon.   Breed Sci.   2014 -9   64(3)   199-205   25320554   10.1270/jsbbs.64.199  
Wheat   KU-104-1   33230   Nishiura A, Kazama Y, Abe T, Mizuno N, Nasuda S, Murai K.   Level of VERNALIZATION 1 expression is correlated with earliness in extra early-flowering mutant wheat lines.   Breed Sci.   2014 -9   64(3)   213-21   25320556   10.1270/jsbbs.64.213  
Wheat   TACBOW0001, TACBOW0003, TACBOW0004, TA...   33209   Mohammed YS, Tahir IS, Kamal NM, Eltayeb AE, Ali AM, Tsujimoto H.   Impact of wheat-Leymus racemosus added chromosomes on wheat adaptation and tolerance to heat stress.   Breed Sci.   2014 -3   63(5)   450-60   24757384   10.1270/jsbbs.63.450  
Barley   オオムギ系統   33108   Hanen Sbei, Kazuhiro Sato, Tariq Shehzad, Moncef Harrabi and Kazutoshi Okuno.   Detection of QTLs for salt tolerance in Asian barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) by association analysis with SNP markers.   Breed Sci.   2014   64   399-403.     doi:10.1270/jsbbs.64.378  
Barley   オオムギ系統   33110   Yerlan Turuspekov, Saule Abugalieva, Kanat Ermekbayev and Kazuhiro Sato.   Genetic characterization of wild barley populations (Hordeum vulgare ssp. spontaneum) from Kazakhstan based on genome wide SNP analysis.   Breed Sci.   2014   64   399-403     doi:10.1270/jsbbs.64.399  
Rice   AIS, IAS   35785   Kubo T.   Genetic mechanisms of postzygotic reproductive isolation: An epistatic network in rice.   Breed Sci.   2013 -12   63(4)   359-66   24399907   10.1270/jsbbs.63.359  
Wheat   TACBOW0001, TACBOW0003, TACBOW0004, TA...   33207   Mohammed YS, Eltayeb AE, Tsujimoto H.   Enhancement of aluminum tolerance in wheat by addition of chromosomes from the wild relative Leymus racemosus.   Breed Sci.   2013 -12   63(4)   407-16   24399913   10.1270/jsbbs.63.407  
Wheat   KU-4770, KU-180   33237   Nguyen AT, Iehisa JC, Mizuno N, Nitta M, Nasuda S, Takumi S.   Differential contribution of two Ppd-1 homoeoalleles to early-flowering phenotype in Nepalese and Japanese varieties of common wheat.   Breed Sci.   2013 -12   63(4)   374-83   24399909   10.1270/jsbbs.63.374  
Wheat     36353   Okamoto Y, Nguyen AT, Yoshioka M, Iehisa JC, Takumi S.   Identification of quantitative trait loci controlling grain size and shape in the D genome of synthetic hexaploid wheat lines.   Breed Sci.   2013 -12   63(4)   423-9   24399915   10.1270/jsbbs.63.423  
Wheat   KU-101-1 KU-101-2 KU-103 KU-104-2 KU-199-15...   27910   Ning S, Wang N, Sakuma S, Pourkheirandish M, Koba T, Komatsuda T.   Variation in the wheat AP2 homoeologs, the genes underlying lodicule development.   Breed Sci.   2013 -9   63(3)   255-66   24273420   10.1270/jsbbs.63.255  
Rice   W0001 W0002 W0003 W0005 W0008 W0016...   28137   Yamaki S, Ohyanagi H, Yamasaki M, Eiguchi M, Miyabayashi T, Kubo T, Kurata N, Nonomura K.   Development of INDEL markers to discriminate all genome types rapidly in the genus Oryza.   Breed Sci.   2013 -9   63(3)   246-54   24273419   10.1270/jsbbs.63.246  
Tomato   TOMJPF00001(Micro-Tom)   27333   Aoki K, Ogata Y, Igarashi K, Yano K, Nagasaki H, Kaminuma E, Toyoda A.   Functional genomics of tomato in a post-genome-sequencing phase.   Breed Sci.   2013 -3   63(1)   14-20   23641177   10.1270/jsbbs.63.14  
Tomato     27326   Ariizumi T, Shinozaki Y, Ezura H.   Genes that influence yield in tomato.   Breed Sci.   2013 -3   63(1)   3-13   23641176   10.1270/jsbbs.63.3  
Wheat     25667   Chono M, Matsunaka H, Seki M, Fujita M, Kiribuchi-Otobe C, Oda S, Kojima H, Kobayashi D, Kawakami N.   Isolation of a wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) mutant in ABA 8'-hydroxylase gene: effect of reduced ABA catabolism on germination inhibition under field condition.   Breed Sci.   2013 -3   63(1)   104-15   23641187   10.1270/jsbbs.63.104  
Wheat   TACBOW0123, TACBOW0124, TACBOW0125   33208   Eltayeb Habora ME, Eltayeb AE, Oka M, Tsujimoto H, Tanaka K.   Cloning of allene oxide cyclase gene from Leymus mollis and analysis of its expression in wheat-Leymus chromosome addition lines.   Breed Sci.   2013 -3   63(1)   68-76   23641183   10.1270/jsbbs.63.68  
Tomato     27325   Okabe Y, Ariizumi T, Ezura H.   Updating the Micro-Tom TILLING platform.   Breed Sci.   2013 -3   63(1)   42-8   23641180   10.1270/jsbbs.63.42  
Tomato     27334   Shirasawa K, Hirakawa H.   DNA marker applications to molecular genetics and genomics in tomato.   Breed Sci.   2013 -3   63(1)   21-30   23641178   10.1270/jsbbs.63.21  
Rice   CSSL   12783   Li J, Zhang W, Wu H, Guo T, Liu X, Wan X, Jin J, Hanh TT, Thoa NT, Chen M, Liu S, Chen L, Liu X, Wang J, Zhai H, Wan J.   Fine mapping of stable QTLs related to eating quality in rice (Oryza sativa L.) by CSSLs harboring small target chromosomal segments.   Breed Sci.   2012 -11 -9   61(4)   338-46   23136470   10.1270/jsbbs.61.338  
Rice   C9285   48011   Nagai K, Kuroha T, Ayano M, Kurokawa Y, Angeles-Shim RB, Shim JH, Yasui H, Yoshimura A, Ashikari M.   Two novel QTLs regulate internode elongation in deepwater rice during the early vegetative stage.   Breed Sci.   2012 -11 -9   62(2)   178-85   23136529   10.1270/jsbbs.62.178  
Rice   W0630   21118   Phan PD, Kageyama H, Ishikawa R, Ishii T.   Estimation of the outcrossing rate for annual Asian wild rice under field conditions.   Breed Sci.   2012 -9   62(3)   256-62   23226086   10.1270/jsbbs.62.256  
Tomato     15530   Okabe Y, Asamizu E, Ariizumi T, Shirasawa K, Tabata S, Ezura H.   Availability of Micro-Tom mutant library combined with TILLING in molecular breeding of tomato fruit shelf-life.   Breed Sci.   2012 -6   62(2)   202-8   23136532   10.1270/jsbbs.62.202  
Morning Glory   Q931,Q63, Q65, Q1176, Peking Tendan, Shirohanagenkei,...   29119   Ly T, Fukuoka H, Otaka A, Hoshino A, Iida S, Nitasaka E, Watanabe N, Kuboyama T.   Development of EST-SSR markers of Ipomoea nil.   Breed Sci.   2012 -3   62(1)   99-104   23136520   10.1270/jsbbs.62.99  
Wheat   KU-201, KU-20-10, KU-20-8, KU-20-9, ...   33206   Sohail Q, Shehzad T, Kilian A, Eltayeb AE, Tanaka H, Tsujimoto H.   Development of diversity array technology (DArT) markers for assessment of population structure and diversity in Aegilops tauschii.   Breed Sci.   2012 -3   62(1)   38-45   23136512   10.1270/jsbbs.62.38  
Lotus / Glycine   G. max (Bay, KK7, M22, J10)   30975   Anai T, Hoshino T, Imai N, Takagi Y.   Molecular characterization of two high-palmitic-acid mutant loci induced by X-ray irradiation in soybean.   Breed Sci.   2012 -1   61(5)   631-8   23136502   10.1270/jsbbs.61.631  
Lotus / Glycine   Lotus, Glycine   30971   Hashiguchi M, Abe J, Aoki T, Anai T, Suzuki A, Akashi R.   The National BioResource Project (NBRP) Lotus and Glycine in Japan.   Breed Sci.   2012 -1   61(5)   453-61   23136485   10.1270/jsbbs.61.453  
Lotus / Glycine   G. soja   30962   Xu D, Tuyen do D.   Genetic studies on saline and sodic tolerances in soybean.   Breed Sci.   2012 -1   61(5)   559-65   23136495   10.1270/jsbbs.61.559  
Barley   オオムギ系統   33159   Yoshiro Mano and Kazuyoshi Takeda   Accurate evaluation and verification of varietal ranking for flooding tolerance at the seedling stage in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)   Breed Sci.   2012   62(1)   3-10     10.1270/jsbbs.62.3  
Rice   CSSL   19137   Xin XY, Wang WX, Yang JS, Luo XJ.   Genetic analysis of heterotic loci detected in a cross between indica and japonica rice (Oryza sativa L.).   Breed Sci.   2011 -12   61(4)   380-8   23136475   10.1270/jsbbs.61.380  
Rice   CSSL   12504   Takano-Kai N. Doi K. and Yoshimura A.   GS3 participates in stigma exsertion as well as seed length in rice   Breed Sci.   2011 -9 -8   61   244-250      
Rice   HO576, HO577 (DN1, DEP1)   12599   Fumio Taguchi-Shiobara, Yasushi Kawagoe, Hiroshi Kato, Haruko Onodera, Akemi Tagiri, Naho Hara, Akio Miyao, Hirohiko Hirochika, Hidemi Kitano, Masahiro Yano and Seiichi Toki   A loss-of-function mutation of rice DENSE PANICLE 1 causes semi-dwarfness and slightly increased number of spikelets.   Breed Sci.   2011 -2 -26   61(1)   17-25      
Information   Oryzabase   12279   Fumio Taguchi-Shiobara et al.   A loss-of-function mutation of rice DENSE PANICLE 1 causes semi-dwarfness and slightly increased number of spikelets   Breed Sci.   2011   61   17-25      
Barley   BAC clones   11986   Kakeda, K., Ishihara, N., Izumi, Y., Sato, K. and Taketa, S.   Expression and functional analysis of the barley Nud gene using transgenic rice.   Breed Sci.   2011   61   35-42      
Wheat   TACBOW0189 TACBOW0190 TACBOW0191 TACBOW0283...   20925   Shiwen Wang, Lina Yin, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Kiyoshi Tanaka and Hisashi Tsujimoto   Wheat-Aegilops chromosome addition lines showing high iron and zinc contents in grains   Breed Sci.   2011   61   189-195     10.1270/jsbbs.61.189  
Wheat     25680   T. Kajimura, K. Murai and S. Takumi   Distinct genetic regulation of flowering time and grain-filling period based on empirical study of D genome diversity in synthetic hexaploid wheat lines.   Breed Sci.   2011   61   130-141      
Barley   EST database   12011   Taketa, S., Yuo, T., Sakurai, Y., Miyake, S. and Ichii, M.   Molecular mapping of the short awn 2 (lks2) and dense spike 1 (dsp1) genes on barley chromosome 7H   Breed Sci.   2011   61   80-85      
Rice   W0630   10988   Thanh PT, Phan PDT, Mori N, Ishikawa R, Ishii T.   Development of backcross recombinant inbred lines between Oryza sativa Nipponbare and O. rufipogon and QTL detection on drought tolerance   Breed Sci.   2011   61   76-79      
Rice   Oryzabase   36803   Fukuoka S, Nonoue Y, Yano M.   Germplasm enhancement by developing advanced plant materials from diverse rice accessions.   Breed Sci.   2010 -10   60   509–517     doi:10.1270/jsbbs.60.509  
Rice   NA   11750   Ammiraju J.S.S., Song X, Luo M, Sisneros N, Angelova A, Kudrna D, Kim H.R., Yu Y, Goicoechea J.L., Lorieux M, Kurata N, Brar D, Ware D, Jackson S, Wing R.A.   The Oryza BAC resource: a genus-wide and genome scale tool for exploring rice genome evolution and leveraging useful genetic diversity from wild relatives.   Breed Sci.   2010   60(5)   536-543      
Information   Oryzabase   12290   Daisuke Fujita, Kazuyuki Doi, Atsushi Yoshimura and Hideshi Yasui   A major QTL for resistance to green rice leafhopper (Nephotettix cincticeps Uhler) derived from African rice (Oryza glaberrima Steud.)   Breed Sci.   2010   60   336-341      
Rice   MNU mutants   11749   Doroshenk K.A., Crofts A.J., Washida H, Satoh-Cruz M, Crofts N, Sugino A, Okita T.W., Morris R.T., Wyrick J.J., Fukuda M, Kumamaru T, Satoh H.   Characterization of the rice glup4 mutant suggests a role for the small GTPase Rab5 in the biosynthesis of carbon and nitrogen storage reserves in developing endosperm.   Breed Sci.   2010   60(5)   556-567      
Rice   W1962   6963   Fujita D, Yoshimura A, Yasui H.   Development of near-isogenic lines and pyramided lines carrying resistance genes to green rice leafhopper (Nephotettix cincticeps Uhler) with the Taichung 65 genetic background in rice (Oryza sativa L.).   Breed Sci.   2010   60   18-27      
Wheat     19711   Fujiwara, Y., S. Shimada, S. Takumi and K. Murai   Differential effects of Aegilops tauschii genotypes on maturing-time in synthetic hexaploid wheats   Breed Sci.   2010   60-3   286-292     10.1270/jsbbs.60.286  
Lotus / Glycine   L. japonicus   11884   Kai S, Tanaka H, Hashiguchi M, Iwata H, Akashi R   Analysis of genetic diversity and morphological traits of Japanese Lotus japonicus for establishment of a core collection   Breed Sci.   2010   60(4)   436-446      
Rice   NBRP-rice   11743   Kurata N, Satoh H, Kitano H, Nagato Y, Endo T, Sato K, Akashi R, Ezura H, Kusaba M, Kobayashi M, Nitasaka E, Kasai F, Yamazaki Y, Yoshimura A.   NBRP, National Bioresource Project of Japan and plant bioresource management.   Breed Sci.   2010   60(5)   461-468      
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