RRC ID 10857
Author Hoshino A, Inagaki Y, Iida S.
Title Structural analysis of Tpn1, a transposable element isolated from Japanese morning glory bearing variegated flowers.
Journal Mol. Gen. Genet.
Abstract The 6.4 kb transposable element Tpn1 belonging to the En/Spm family was found within one of the DFR (dihydroflavonol-4-reductase) genes for anthocyanin biosynthesis in a line of Japanese morning glory (Pharbitis nil) bearing variegated flowers. Sequencing of the Tpn1 element revealed that it is 6412 bp long and carries 28-bp perfect terminal inverted repeats. Its subterminal repetitive regions, believed to be the cis-acting sequences for transposition, show striking structural features. Twenty-two copies of the 10-bp sequence motif GACAACGGTT can be found as direct or inverted repeats within 650 bp of the 5' end of the element, and 33 copies of the sequence motif lie within 800 bp of the 3' terminus. All these 22 copies of the sequence motif near the 5' terminus and 30 copies in the 3' terminal region are arranged as inverted repeats and 3-8 bp AT-rich sequences are detected between these inverted repeats. In addition, four copies of 122-bp tandem repeats and six copies of 104-bp tandem repeats are present in the 5' and 3' subterminal repetitive regions, respectively. No large open reading frame characteristic of autonomous elements of the En/Spm family can be detected within the element. The results are discussed with respect to heritable changes in flower variegation in this line of Japanese morning glory.
Volume 247(1)
Pages 114-7
Published 1995-4-10
PMID 7715598
MeSH Alcohol Oxidoreductases / genetics Base Sequence DNA Transposable Elements / genetics* DNA, Plant / genetics* Gene Expression Regulation, Plant Genes, Plant Molecular Sequence Data Nucleotidyltransferases / genetics Phenotype Plants / enzymology Plants / genetics* Repetitive Sequences, Nucleic Acid Transposases
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