RRC ID 11132
Author Junion G, Bataillé L, Jagla T, Da Ponte JP, Tapin R, Jagla K.
Title Genome-wide view of cell fate specification: ladybird acts at multiple levels during diversification of muscle and heart precursors.
Journal Genes Dev.
Abstract Correct diversification of cell types during development ensures the formation of functional organs. The evolutionarily conserved homeobox genes from ladybird/Lbx family were found to act as cell identity genes in a number of embryonic tissues. A prior genetic analysis showed that during Drosophila muscle and heart development ladybird is required for the specification of a subset of muscular and cardiac precursors. To learn how ladybird genes exert their cell identity functions we performed muscle and heart-targeted genome-wide transcriptional profiling and a chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP)-on-chip search for direct Ladybird targets. Our data reveal that ladybird not only contributes to the combinatorial code of transcription factors specifying the identity of muscle and cardiac precursors, but also regulates a large number of genes involved in setting cell shape, adhesion, and motility. Among direct ladybird targets, we identified bric-a-brac 2 gene as a new component of identity code and inflated encoding alphaPS2-integrin playing a pivotal role in cell-cell interactions. Unexpectedly, ladybird also contributes to the regulation of terminal differentiation genes encoding structural muscle proteins or contributing to muscle contractility. Thus, the identity gene-governed diversification of cell types is a multistep process involving the transcriptional control of genes determining both morphological and functional properties of cells.
Volume 21(23)
Pages 3163-80
Published 2007-12-1
DOI 10.1101/gad.437307
PII 21/23/3163
PMID 18056427
PMC PMC2081981
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