RRC ID 11163
Author Usui-Aoki K, Matsumoto K, Koganezawa M, Kohatsu S, Isono K, Matsubayashi H, Yamamoto MT, Ueda R, Takahashi K, Saigo K, Mikoshiba K, Yamamoto D.
Title Targeted expression of Ip3 sponge and Ip3 dsRNA impaires sugar taste sensation in Drosophila.
Journal J. Neurogenet.
Abstract We evaluated the role of IP(3) in sugar taste reception in Drosophila melanogaster by inactivating the IP(3) signaling using genetic tools. We used the "IP(3) sponge," composed of the modified ligand-binding domain from the mouse IP(3) receptor, which was designed to absorb IP(3) in competition with native IP(3) receptors. Another tool was a transgene that generates double-stranded RNA against IP(3) receptor mRNA. Both inhibitors diminished the sensitivity of flies to trehalose and sucrose, as estimated by behavioral assays and electrophysiological recordings from the sugar receptor cells. The result indicates that IP(3) signaling is indispensable for sugar reception in Drosophila.
Volume 19(3-4)
Pages 123-41
Published 2005-7
DOI 10.1080/01677060600569713
PII J1005370041066W6
PMID 16540404
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