RRC ID 1130
Author Kasai Y, Komatsu K, Shigemori H, Tsuda M, Mikami Y, Kobayashi J.
Title Cladionol A, a polyketide glycoside from marine-derived fungus Gliocladium species.
Journal J. Nat. Prod.
Abstract A new polyketide glycoside, cladionol A (1), was isolated from the cultured broth of a fungus Gliocladium sp., which was separated from sea grass Syringodium isoetifolium, and the structure was elucidated by spectroscopic data. The relative stereochemistry of C-2-C-3 was assigned by mainly J-based configuration analysis, while those of two sugar units were elucidated to be beta-mannopyranoside and arabitol on the basis of NOESY data and/or 1H-1H couplings. Furthermore, the absolute configuration of the mannose moiety was determined as the D-form on the basis of chiral HPLC analysis of a benzoyl derivative of the acid hydrolysate of 1. Cladionol A (1) exhibited modest cytotoxicity.
Volume 68(5)
Pages 777-9
Published 2005-5
DOI 10.1021/np050046b
PMID 15921429
MeSH Antineoplastic Agents / chemistry Antineoplastic Agents / isolation & purification* Antineoplastic Agents / pharmacology Drug Screening Assays, Antitumor Gliocladium / chemistry* Glycosides / chemistry Glycosides / isolation & purification* Glycosides / pharmacology Japan Models, Molecular Molecular Structure
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