RRC ID 1871
Author Norholm MH, Nour-Eldin HH, Brodersen P, Mundy J, Halkier BA.
Title Expression of the Arabidopsis high-affinity hexose transporter STP13 correlates with programmed cell death.
Journal FEBS Lett
Abstract We report the biochemical characterization in Xenopus oocytes of the Arabidopsis thaliana membrane protein, STP13, as a high affinity, hexose-specific H(+)-symporter. Studies with kinase activators suggest that it is negatively regulated by phosphorylation. STP13 promoter GFP reporter lines show GFP expression only in the vascular tissue in emerging petals under non-stressed conditions. Quantitative PCR and the pSTP13-GFP plants show induction of STP13 in programmed cell death (PCD) obtained by treatments with the fungal toxin fumonisin B1 and the pathogen Pseudomonas syringae. A role for STP13 in PCD is supported by microarray data from e.g. plants undergoing senescence and a strong correlation between STP13 transcripts and the PCD phenotype in different accelerated cell death (acd11) mutants.
Volume 580(9)
Pages 2381-7
Published 2006-4-17
DOI 10.1016/j.febslet.2006.03.064
PII S0014-5793(06)00380-2
PMID 16616142
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