RRC ID 21937
Author Cronin SJ, Nehme NT, Limmer S, Liegeois S, Pospisilik JA, Schramek D, Leibbrandt A, Simoes Rde M, Gruber S, Puc U, Ebersberger I, Zoranovic T, Neely GG, von Haeseler A, Ferrandon D, Penninger JM.
Title Genome-wide RNAi screen identifies genes involved in intestinal pathogenic bacterial infection.
Journal Science
Abstract Innate immunity represents the first line of defense in animals. We report a genome-wide in vivo Drosophila RNA interference screen to uncover genes involved in susceptibility or resistance to intestinal infection with the bacterium Serratia marcescens. We first employed whole-organism gene suppression, followed by tissue-specific silencing in gut epithelium or hemocytes to identify several hundred genes involved in intestinal antibacterial immunity. Among the pathways identified, we showed that the JAK-STAT signaling pathway controls host defense in the gut by regulating stem cell proliferation and thus epithelial cell homeostasis. Therefore, we revealed multiple genes involved in antibacterial defense and the regulation of innate immunity.
Volume 325(5938)
Pages 340-3
Published 2009-7-17
DOI 10.1126/science.1173164
PII 1173164
PMID 19520911
PMC PMC2975362
MeSH Animals Animals, Genetically Modified Cell Proliferation Drosophila Proteins / genetics Drosophila Proteins / metabolism Drosophila melanogaster / genetics* Drosophila melanogaster / immunology Drosophila melanogaster / microbiology* Epithelial Cells / cytology Epithelial Cells / physiology Genome, Insect* Hemocytes / immunology Hemocytes / metabolism Hemocytes / microbiology Homeostasis Immunity, Innate / genetics* Intestinal Mucosa / cytology Intestinal Mucosa / immunology Intestinal Mucosa / metabolism Intestinal Mucosa / microbiology Janus Kinases / genetics Janus Kinases / metabolism Models, Animal RNA Interference* STAT Transcription Factors / genetics STAT Transcription Factors / metabolism Serratia Infections / genetics Serratia Infections / immunology* Serratia Infections / microbiology Serratia marcescens / immunology* Serratia marcescens / physiology Signal Transduction Stem Cells / cytology Stem Cells / physiology
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