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Author Ishikawa Y, Kage T, Yamamoto N, Yoshimoto M, Yasuda T, Matsumoto A, Maruyama K, Ito H.
Title Axonogenesis in the medaka embryonic brain.
Journal J Comp Neurol
Abstract In order to know the general pattern of axonogenesis in vertebrates, we examined axonogenesis in the embryonic brain of a teleost fish, medaka (Oryzias latipes), and the results were compared with previous studies in zebrafish and mouse. The axons and somata were stained immunocytochemically using antibodies to a cell surface marker (HNK-1) and acetylated tubulin and visualized by retrograde and anterograde labeling with a lipophilic dye. The fiber systems developed correlating with the organization of the longitudinal and transverse subdivisions of the embryonic brain. The first axons extended from the synencephalic tegmentum, forming the first fiber tract (fasciculus longitudinalis medialis) in the ventral longitudinal zone of the neural rod, 38 hours after fertilization. In the neural tube, throughout the entire brain two pairs of longitudinal fiber systems, one ventral series and one dorsal or intermediate series, and four pairs of transverse fiber tracts in the rostral brain were formed sequentially during the first 16 hours of axon production. In one of the dorsal longitudinal tracts, its branch retracted and disappeared at later stages. One of the transverse tracts was found to course in the telencephalon and hypothalamus. The overall pattern of the longitudinal fiber systems in medaka brain is similar to that in mouse, but apparently different from that in zebrafish. We propose that a ventral tract reported in zebrafish partially belongs to the dorsal fiber system, and that the longitudinal fiber systems in all vertebrate brains pass through a common layout defined by conserved genetic and developmental programs.
Volume 476(3)
Pages 240-53
Published 2004-8-23
DOI 10.1002/cne.20220
PMID 15269968
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