RRC ID 28836
Author Kuramoto T, Inoue S, Neoda Y, Yamasaki K, Hashimoto R, Mashimo T, Oda S, Serikawa T.
Title Genetic and phenotypic characterization of a Japanese wild-derived DOB/Oda rat strain.
Journal Mamm Genome
Abstract Wild-derived rat strains can provide novel genome resources that are not available in standard laboratory strains. Genetic backgrounds of wild-derived strains can facilitate effective genetic linkage analyses and often modulate the expression of mutant phenotypes. Here we describe the development and characterization of a new inbred rat strain, DOB/Oda, from wild rats (Rattus norvegicus) captured in Shitara, Aichi, Japan. Phenotype analysis of 109 parameters revealed that the DOB/Oda rats had small body weight, preference for darkness, and high locomotor activity compared with the rat strains in the National BioResource Project for the Rat (NBRP-Rat) database. Genome analysis with 357 SSLP markers identified DOB/Oda-specific alleles in 70 markers. The percentage of SSLP markers that showed polymorphism between the DOB/Oda strain and any of 132 laboratory strains from NBRP-Rat varied from 89 to 95 %. The polymorphic rate (average of the values of the percentage) for the DOB/Oda strain was 91.6 %, much higher than the rates for available wild-derived strains such as the Brown Norway rat. A phylogenic tree constructed with DOB/Oda and all the strains in NBRP-Rat showed that the DOB/Oda strain localized within the wild rat groups, apparently separate from the laboratory strains. Together, these findings indicated that the DOB/Oda rat has a unique genome that is not available in the laboratory strains. Therefore, the new DOB/Oda strain will provide an important genome resource that will be useful for designing genetic experiments and for the discovery of genes that modulate mutant phenotypes.
Volume 24(7-8)
Pages 303-8
Published 2013-8-1
DOI 10.1007/s00335-013-9465-z
PMID 23896813
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Rats DOB/Oda(strainID=582)