RRC ID 29021
Author Wilkins A, Khosla M, Fraser DJ, Spiegelman GB, Fisher PR, Weeks G, Insall RH.
Title Dictyostelium RasD is required for normal phototaxis, but not differentiation.
Journal Genes Dev
Abstract RasD, a Dictyostelium homolog of mammalian Ras, is maximally expressed during the multicellular stage of development. Normal Dictyostelium aggregates are phototactic and thermotactic, moving towards sources of light and heat with great sensitivity. We show that disruption of the gene for rasD causes a near-total loss of phototaxis and thermotaxis in mutant aggregates, without obvious effects on undirected movement. Previous experiments had suggested important roles for RasD in development and cell-type determination. Surprisingly, rasD(-) cells show no obvious changes in these processes. These cells represent a novel class of phototaxis mutant, and indicate a role for a Ras pathway in the connections between stimuli and coordinated cell movement.
Volume 14(11)
Pages 1407-13
Published 2000-6-1
PMID 10837033
PMC PMC316659
MeSH Animals Blotting, Northern Blotting, Southern Blotting, Western Cell Differentiation Cell Division Dictyostelium / cytology Dictyostelium / genetics* Light Movement Mutagenesis Photosynthesis* Signal Transduction Temperature Transfection ras Proteins / genetics* ras Proteins / physiology*
IF 8.99
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