RRC ID 29077
Author Pollitt AY, Blagg SL, Ibarra N, Insall RH.
Title Cell motility and SCAR localisation in axenically growing Dictyostelium cells.
Journal Eur J Cell Biol
Abstract Dictyostelium is a popular experimental organism, in particular for studies of actin dynamics, cell motility and chemotaxis. We find that the motility of axenic cells is unexpectedly different from other strains during growth. In particular, vegetative AX3 cells do not show detectable localisation of SCAR and its regulatory complex to actin-rich protrusions such as filopodia and pseudopodia. Similarly, a range of different mutations, in particular knockouts of members of the SCAR complex and Ras proteins, cause different phenotypes during vegetative growth in different parental strains. Development reverses this unusual behaviour; aggregation-competent AX3 cells localise SCAR in the same way as cells of other strains and species. Studies on cell motility using vegetative cells should therefore be interpreted with caution.
Volume 85(9-10)
Pages 1091-8
Published 2006-9-1
DOI 10.1016/j.ejcb.2006.05.014
PII S0171-9335(06)00107-5
PMID 16822579
MeSH Animals Behavior, Animal / physiology Cell Movement / physiology* Dictyostelium / cytology Dictyostelium / physiology* Genotype Germ-Free Life Phenotype Protozoan Proteins / metabolism* ras Proteins / genetics ras Proteins / metabolism
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