RRC ID 29193
Author Amanuma H, Watanabe N, Nishi M, Ikawa Y.
Title Requirement of the single base insertion at the 3' end of the env-related gene of Friend spleen focus-forming virus for pathogenic activity and its effect on localization of the glycoprotein product (gp55).
Journal J Virol
Abstract In order to obtain evidence for the essential role of the single base insertion occurring at the 3' end of the env-related gene of Friend spleen focus-forming virus (SFFV) encoding the leukemogenic glycoprotein (gp55) a mutant SFFV genome was constructed in which the segment of the gp55 gene of the polycythemia-inducing strain of SFFV containing the single base insertion and the 6-base-pair duplication was replaced by the corresponding sequence of the Friend murine leukemia virus env gene. The mutant SFFV-Friend murine leukemia virus complex did not induce symptoms of the erythroproliferative disease in adult DBA/2 mice. During passage through newborn DBA/2 mice, the mutant virus complex invariably gave rise to weakly pathogenic variant SFFVs. All of the variant SFFVs induced in adult DBA/2 mice a transient mild splenomegaly associated with normal or slightly low hematocrit value, and they produced gp55 with a molecular weight similar to that of gp55 of the wild-type SFFV. For the two isolates of variant SFFV, the 3' portion of the viral DNA intermediate containing the 3' portion of the gp55 gene was molecularly cloned. Nucleotide sequences of these biologically active cloned DNAs were determined and showed that the variant SFFV genomes arose from the mutant SFFV genome by regaining the single base insertion, indicating that the single base insertion is essential for the biological activity of gp55. Evidence is presented indicating that the single base insertion which causes a loss of the cytoplasmic domain of the env-related protein is not related to the localization of the further-glycosylated form of gp55 in the plasma membrane but is involved with the release of gp55 from cells.
Volume 63(11)
Pages 4824-33
Published 1989-11-1
DOI 10.1128/JVI.63.11.4824-4833.1989
PMID 2552155
PMC PMC251120
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