RRC ID 30123
Author Asai T, Kogoma T.
Title Roles of ruvA, ruvC and recG gene functions in normal and DNA damage-inducible replication of the Escherichia coli chromosome.
Journal Genetics
Abstract Induction of the SOS response in Escherichia coli activates normally repressed DNA replication which is termed inducible stable DNA replication (iSDR). We previously demonstrated that initiation of iSDR requires the products of genes, such as recA, recB and recC, that are involved in the early stages of homologous recombination. By measuring the copy number increase of the origin (oriM1) region on the chromosome, we show, in this study, that initiation of iSDR is stimulated by mutations in the ruvA, ruvC and recG genes which are involved in the late stages of homologous recombination. Continuation of iSDR, on the other hand, is inhibited by these mutations. The results suggest that Holliday recombination intermediates, left on the chromosome due to abortive recombination, arrest replication fork movement. Low levels of iSDR and sfiA (sulA) gene expression were also observed in exponentially growing ruvA, ruvC and recG mutants, suggesting that the SOS response is chronically induced in these mutants. We propose that replication forks are arrested in these mutants, albeit at a low frequency, even under the normal (uninduced) conditions.
Volume 137(4)
Pages 895-902
Published 1994-8
PMID 7982571
PMC PMC1206067
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