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Author Yoshida Y, Saitoh K, Aihara Y, Okada S, Misaka T, Abe K.
Title Transient receptor potential channel M5 and phospholipaseC-beta2 colocalizing in zebrafish taste receptor cells.
Journal Neuroreport
Abstract In mammals, transient receptor potential (TRP) channel M5 (TRPM5) is coexpressed with phospholipaseC-beta2 (PLC-beta2) in the taste receptor cells, and both PLC-beta2 and TRPM5 are essential elements in the signal transduction of sweet, bitter and umami stimuli. In this study, we identified the zebrafish homologue of TRPM5 (zfTRPM5) and examined its expression in the gustatory system by in-situ hybridization. Using a transgenic zebrafish line that expressed green fluorescent protein under the control of the PLC-beta2 promoter, we showed that zfTRPM5 is expressed in green fluorescent protein-labeled cells of the taste buds. These results demonstrate that zfTRPM5 and PLC-beta2 colocalize in zebrafish taste receptor cells, suggesting their crucial roles in taste signaling via the fish taste receptors.
Volume 18(15)
Pages 1517-20
Published 2007-10-8
DOI 10.1097/WNR.0b013e3282ec6874
PII 00001756-200710080-00002
PMID 17885593
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