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Author Ikeya M, Kawada M, Kiyonari H, Sasai N, Nakao K, Furuta Y, Sasai Y.
Title Essential pro-Bmp roles of crossveinless 2 in mouse organogenesis.
Journal Development
Abstract We here report essential roles of the Bmp-binding protein crossveinless 2 (Cv2; Bmper) in mouse organogenesis. In the null Cv2 mutant mouse, gastrulation occurs normally, but a number of defects are found in Cv2-expressing tissues such as the skeleton. Cartilage differentiation by Bmp4 treatment is reduced in cultured Cv2(-/-) fibroblasts. Moreover, the defects in the vertebral column and eyes of the Cv2(-/-) mouse are substantially enhanced by deleting one copy of the Bmp4 gene, suggesting a pro-Bmp role of Cv2 in the development of these organs. In addition, the Cv2(-/-) mutant exhibits substantial defects in Bmp-dependent processes of internal organ formation, such as nephron generation in the kidney. This kidney hypoplasia is synergistically enhanced by the additional deletion of Kcp (Crim2) which encodes a pro-Bmp protein structurally related to Cv2. This study demonstrates essential pro-Bmp functions of Cv2 for locally restricted signal enhancement in multiple aspects of mammalian organogenesis.
Volume 133(22)
Pages 4463-73
Published 2006-11-1
DOI 10.1242/dev.02647
PII dev.02647
PMID 17035289
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