RRC ID 3176
Author Yaguchi T, Horie Y, Tanaka R, Matsuzawa T, Ito J, Nishimura K.
Title Molecular phylogenetics of multiple genes on Aspergillus section Fumigati isolated from clinical specimens in Japan.
Journal Nihon Ishinkin Gakkai Zasshi
Abstract A phylogenetic study based on sequence analysis of the beta-tubulin, hydrophobin and calmodulin genes was performed in 19 strains of Aspergillus fumigatus and related species isolated from clinical specimens in Japan. Correlations between detailed morphology and phylogeny were examined. Species in the section Fumigati were divided into five clades: clade I, typical strains of A. fumigatus; clade II, species including A. lentulus and A. fumisynnematus; clade III, species including A. fumigatiaffinis and A. novofumigatus, clade IV, atypical strains of A. fumigatus including A. viridinutans; and clade V, species including A. brevipes, A. duricaulis and A. unilateralis. Most of the examined strains from clinical specimens in Japan clustered together in clade I and exhibit globose conidia with lobate-reticulate ornamentation. Other strains from clinical specimens were divided into two clades (clades II and IV). The strains in clades II and the six strains in clade IV exhibit conidia with microtuberculate ornamentation, while A. viridinutans-complex in clades IV and the strains in clade V have conidia with lobate-reticulate ornamentation. The six strains are clearly distinguished from A. viridinutans-complex and are considered to be related to Neosartorya udagawae. The maximal growth temperatures of clades I, II, IV and V were above 50 degrees C, 45 degrees C, 42 degrees C and 42 degrees C, respectively. These data are useful for classification of species within the Aspergillus section Fumigati.
Volume 48(1)
Pages 37-46
Published 2007-1-1
DOI 10.3314/jjmm.48.37
PMID 17287721
MeSH Aspergillus fumigatus / classification* Aspergillus fumigatus / genetics* Aspergillus fumigatus / growth & development Aspergillus fumigatus / isolation & purification Calmodulin / genetics Evolution, Molecular Fungal Proteins / genetics Genes, Fungal / genetics* Japan Phylogeny* Sequence Analysis, DNA Temperature Tubulin / genetics
Pathogenic microorganisms A. udagawae(IFM 5058) A. lentulus(IFM 41090) (IFM 47063) (IFM 47457) (IFM 51744) (IFM 53867). (IFM 53868) (IFM 54302) A. fumigatus(IFM 47447) (IFM 51745) (IFM 51925) (IFM 51941) (IFM 51942) (IFM 51977) (IFM 51978) (IFM 53869) (IFM 53870) (IFM 53872) (IFM 54304) A. viridinutans(IFM 54303) N. hiratsukae(IFM 47035) IFM 41565 IFM 42277 IFM 46972 IFM 46973 IFM 47023 IFM 47033 IFM 47042 IFM 47043 IFM 47045 IFM 52898 IFM 52899 IFM 54128 IFM 54129 IFM 54432 IFM 54433 IFM 54703