RRC ID 33181
Author Himi E, Taketa S.
Title Isolation of candidate genes for the barley Ant1 and wheat Rc genes controlling anthocyanin pigmentation in different vegetative tissues.
Journal Mol Genet Genomics
Abstract MYB transcription factors exist in a large copy number and control various plant phenotypes. We cloned R2R3 MYB-type transcription factors that determine the coloration of basal sheaths in barley and wheat coleoptiles. These genes are highly homologous to maize C1 and rice OsC1, regulators for anthocyanin biosynthesis, but they control seed pigmentation in maize and rice. On the basis of high homology, barley and wheat counterparts are designated HvC1 and TaC1, respectively. HvC1 gene is located on the short arm of chromosome 7H, and TaC1 genes are located on the short arms of chromosomes 7A, 7B, and 7D (TaC1-A1, B1, and D1, respectively). HvC1 is a strong candidate for Ant1 because of (1) complete co-segregation of anthocyanin pigmentation phenotype of the basal sheath with the HvC1 genotype in genetic mapping, and (2) complete deletion of the HvCl gene in two anthocyanin-decreased allelic mutants (ant1.1 and ant1.2) that were induced by irradiation. In contrast, colorless coleoptile wheat lines had lesions in all three genomes consisting of a single-nucleotide substitution or a 1-bp deletion of TaC1-A1, a 1.7-kb insertion of TaC1-B1, and a 2.0-kb insertion of TaC1-D1. At least one normal TaC1 gene appears to be sufficient to produce anthocyanin pigments in wheat coleoptiles. Previous crossing experiments localized Rc (red coleoptile) genes to homoeologous group 7 chromosomes and deduced Rc genotypes of several wheat lines. Their TaC1 gene sequence variation coincided with deduced Rc genotypes; therefore, the present molecular genetic study demonstrates that TaC1 is a strong candidate for Rc in wheat.
Volume 290(4)
Pages 1287-98
Published 2015-8-1
DOI 10.1007/s00438-015-0991-0
PMID 25585663
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