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INFORMATION Rice Gramene, a tool for grass genomics.
Barley , Wheat , LPGKU2269(Chinese Spring) , TACBOW0116(Hordeum vulgare cv. Betzes) , LPGKU2091(Barley 3H addition) , LPGKU2092(Barley 3HS addition) , LPGKU2093 (Barley 3HL addition) , LPGKU2153 (Gametocidal 2C) , LPGKU2165(Gametocidal 3CSAT) , Wheat-LPGKU2091(3H) , LPGKU2092(3HS) , ... Dissection of barley chromosome 3H in common wheat and a comparison of 3H physical and genetic maps.
INFORMATION KOMUGI The effects of dwarfing genes on seedling root growth of wheat.
Wheat LPGKU2269(Chinese Spring) , M808? , LPGKU2272(Langdon) , monococcum , EST clone (whd17e22) Positive role of a wheat HvABI5 ortholog in abiotic stress response of seedlings.
INFORMATION , Wheat KOMUGI(EST database) , LPGKU2269(Chinese Spring) Development of abiotic stress tolerance via bZIP-type transcription factor LIP19 in common wheat.
Wheat KT020-133(ABA27) , KOMUGI database Increased freezing tolerance in an ABA-hypersensitive mutant of common wheat.
Wheat - Whole chloroplast genome comparison of rice, maize, and wheat: implications for chloroplast gene diversification and phylogeny of cereals.
Wheat NA WAP1, a wheat APETALA1 homolog, plays a central role in the phase transition from vegetative to reproductive growth.
Wheat LPGKU lines Stable barley chromosomes without centromeric repeats.
Wheat Triticum aestivum cv. Chinese Spring (KT020-003) , Triticum aestivum cv. Sapporo Haru (KT020-004) , Triticum turgidum L. (KU-147) , Triticum durum Desf (KU-125) , Triticum monococcum L. (KU-104-2) , Triticum timopheevi Zhuk (KU-107-1) , Aegilops speltoides Tausch (KU-2-1) , Aegilops squarrosa L. (KU-20-1) , Triticum aestivum-rye amphidiploid (TACBOW0065) Qualitative polymerase chain reaction methods for detecting major food allergens (peanut, soybean, and wheat) by using internal transcribed spacer region.
Wheat ? Similar rye A and B chromosome organization in meristematic and differentiated interphase nuclei.
Wheat KU-6837(Ctg 6837) , KU-9545(Ctg 9545) , KU-10001(Ctg 10001) , KU-2065(Ctg 2065) Identification of a novel homolog for a calmodulin-binding protein that is upregulated in alloplasmic wheat showing pistillody.
Prokaryotes E. coli SfiNX: a method for assembly of protein coding sequences with high success rates.
Barley オオムギ系統 Isolation of candidate genes for the barley Ant1 and wheat Rc genes controlling anthocyanin pigmentation in different vegetative tissues.
Wheat T. monococcum: KT003-001 , KT003-005 A distorted circadian clock causes early flowering and temperature-dependent variation in spike development in the Eps-3Am mutant of einkorn wheat.
Wheat LPGKU2100 , LPGKU2101 , LPGKU2102 Dissection of barley chromosomes 1H and 6H by the gametocidal system.
Wheat LPGKU2153 , LPGKU2165 Dissection of rye chromosomes by the gametocidal system.
Wheat KU-2097 QTL analysis of genetic loci affecting domestication-related spike characters in common wheat.
Wheat set of 60 FLcDNAs The Agropyron cristatum karyotype, chromosome structure and cross-genome homoeology as revealed by fluorescence in situ hybridization with tandem repeats and wheat single-gene probes.
Wheat Chinese Spring Towards reducing the immunogenic potential of wheat flour: omega gliadins encoded by the D genome of hexaploid wheat may also harbor epitopes for the serious food allergy WDEIA.