RRC ID 33220
Author Teleman AA, Maitra S, Cohen SM.
Title Drosophila lacking microRNA miR-278 are defective in energy homeostasis.
Journal Genes Dev
Abstract The mechanisms that control energy homeostasis and tissue growth during development are closely linked through the insulin signal transduction pathway. Changes in the level of insulin and other hormones reflect the nutritional status of the animal to control circulating sugar levels and fat metabolism. Systemic defects in insulin responsiveness can lead to elevated circulating glucose levels and fat accumulation. Here we present evidence that the microRNA miR-278 plays a role in the control of energy homeostasis in Drosophila. miR-278 mutants have elevated insulin production and are correspondingly lean. Despite the elevated insulin levels, miR-278 mutants have elevated circulating sugar, mobilized from adipose-tissue glycogen stores. We provide evidence that miR-278 mutants are insulin resistant and that miR-278 acts through regulation of the expanded transcript.
Volume 20(4)
Pages 417-22
Published 2006-2-15
DOI 10.1101/gad.374406
PII 20/4/417
PMID 16481470
PMC PMC1369043
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