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著者 Azuma M, Morimoto R, Hirose M, Morita Y, Hoshino A, Iida S, Oshima Y, Mitsuda N, Ohme-Takagi M, Shiratake K.
タイトル A petal-specific InMYB1 promoter from Japanese morning glory: a useful tool for molecular breeding of floricultural crops.
ジャーナル Plant Biotechnol. J.
Abstract Production of novel transgenic floricultural crops with altered petal properties requires transgenes that confer a useful trait and petal-specific promoters. Several promoters have been shown to control transgenes in petals. However, all suffer from inherent drawbacks such as low petal specificity and restricted activity during the flowering stage. In addition, the promoters were not examined for their ability to confer petal-specific expression in a wide range of plant species. Here, we report the promoter of InMYB1 from Japanese morning glory as a novel petal-specific promoter for molecular breeding of floricultural crops. First, we produced stable InMYB1_1kb::GUS transgenic Arabidopsis and Eustoma plants and characterized spatial and temporal expression patterns under the control of the InMYB1 promoter by histochemical β-glucuronidase (GUS) staining. GUS staining patterns were observed only in petals. This result showed that the InMYB1 promoter functions as a petal-specific promoter. Second, we transiently introduced the InMYB1_1 kb::GUS construct into Eustoma, chrysanthemum, carnation, Japanese gentian, stock, rose, dendrobium and lily petals by particle bombardment. GUS staining spots were observed in Eustoma, chrysanthemum, carnation, Japanese gentian and stock. These results showed that the InMYB1 promoter functions in most dicots. Third, to show the InMYB1 promoter utility in molecular breeding, a MIXTA-like gene function was suppressed or enhanced under the control of InMYB1 promoter in Arabidopsis. The transgenic plant showed a conspicuous morphological change only in the form of wrinkled petals. Based on these results, the InMYB1 promoter can be used as a petal-specific promoter in molecular breeding of floricultural crops.
巻・号 14(1)
ページ 354-63
公開日 2015-4-30
DOI 10.1111/pbi.12389
PMID 25923400
MeSH Arabidopsis / genetics Arabidopsis / ultrastructure Crops, Agricultural / genetics* DNA Shuffling / methods* Flowers / anatomy & histology Flowers / genetics* Flowers / ultrastructure Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental Glucuronidase / metabolism Ipomoea nil / genetics* Organ Specificity / genetics Phenotype Phylogeny Plants, Genetically Modified Promoter Regions, Genetic*
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