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Author Ge W, Deng Q, Guo T, Hong X, Kugler JM, Yang X, Cohen SM.
Title Regulation of pattern formation and gene amplification during Drosophila oogenesis by the miR-318 microRNA.
Journal Genetics
Abstract Pattern formation during epithelial development requires the coordination of multiple signaling pathways. Here, we investigate the functions of an ovary-enriched miRNA, miR-318, in epithelial development during Drosophila oogenesis. mir-318 maternal loss-of-function mutants were female-sterile and laid eggs with abnormal morphology. Removal of mir-318 disrupted the dorsal-anterior follicle cell patterning, resulting in abnormal dorsal appendages. mir-318 mutant females also produced thin and fragile eggshells due to impaired chorion gene amplification. We provide evidence that the ecdysone signaling pathway activates expression of miR-318 and that miR-318 cooperates with Tramtrack69 to control the switch from endocycling to chorion gene amplification during differentiation of the follicular epithelium. The multiple functions of miR-318 in oogenesis illustrate the importance of miRNAs in maintaining cell fate and in promoting the developmental transition in the female follicular epithelium.
Volume 200(1)
Pages 255-65
Published 2015-5-1
DOI 10.1534/genetics.115.174748
PII genetics.115.174748
PMID 25786856
PMC PMC4423367
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