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Author Bae YK, Shimizu T, Muraoka O, Yabe T, Hirata T, Nojima H, Hirano T, Hibi M.
Title Expression of sax1/nkx1.2 and sax2/nkx1.1 in zebrafish.
Journal Gene Expr. Patterns
Abstract sax1/nkx1.2 and sax2/nkx1.1 are members of the evolutionally conserved NK-1 homeobox gene family. sax1/nkx1.2 is reported to be expressed in the central nervous system during early and late neurogenesis in the chick and mouse, but the expression of sax2/nkx1.1 has not been reported. We isolated zebrafish cDNAs for sax1/nkx1.2 and sax2/nkx1.1 and examined their expression. In zebrafish, unlike chick and mouse, sax1/nkx1.2 was expressed in the prospective medial floor plate from the mid-gastrula period and was dependent on Nodal signaling. From the early segmentation period, sax1/nkx1.2 was also expressed in the posterior neuroectoderm. sax2/nkx1.1 was expressed in the prospective extraocular muscles, mesencephalic neurons residing along the tract of the posterior commissure, ventral neurons in the hindbrain, and interneurons in the spinal cord.
Volume 4(4)
Pages 481-6
Published 2004-7
DOI 10.1016/j.modgep.2003.12.001
PII S1567133X03002254
PMID 15183316
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