RRC ID 42495
Author Imura M, Yamashita S, Cai LY, Furuta J, Wakabayashi M, Yasugi T, Ushijima T.
Title Methylation and expression analysis of 15 genes and three normally-methylated genes in 13 Ovarian cancer cell lines.
Journal Cancer Lett
Abstract Aberrant methylation of CpG islands (CGIs) in promoter regions of tumor-suppressor genes causes their silencing, and aberrant demethylation of normally methylated CGIs in promoter regions causes aberrant expression of cancer-testis antigens. Here, we comprehensively analyzed aberrant methylation of 15 genes and demethylation of three normally methylated genes in 13 ovarian cancer cell lines. RASSF1A was most frequently methylated (complete methylation in 7 and partial methylation in 4 cell lines), followed by ESR1 (5 and 2, respectively), FLNC (4 and 4), HAND1 (4 and 2), LOX (3 and 2), HRASLS (3 and 2), MGMT (3 and 0), CDKN2A (3 and 0), THBD (2 and 1), hMLH1 (2 and 0), CDH1 (1 and 1) and GSTP1 (1 and 0). hTERC and TIMP3 were only partially methylated in 7 and 2 cell lines, respectively. BRCA1 was not methylated at all. Aberrant demethylation of MAGE-A3, -B2 and -A1 was detected in 8, 4 and 3 cell lines, respectively. Gene expression was consistently absent in cell lines without unmethylated DNA molecules. Aberrant methylation was frequently observed in MCAS, RMUG-L (mucinous cell carcinomas), RTSG (poorly-differentiated carcinoma) and TYK-nu (undifferentiated carcinoma) while infrequent in HTOA, JHOS-2, and OV-90 (serous cell carcinomas). Aberrant demethylation was frequently observed in OV-90, OVK-18, and ES-2 cell lines. It was shown that aberrant methylation and demethylation were frequently observed in ovarian cancer cell lines, and these data will provide a basis for further epigenetic analysis in ovarian cancers.
Volume 241(2)
Pages 213-20
Published 2006-9-28
DOI 10.1016/j.canlet.2005.10.010
PII S0304-3835(05)00930-4
PMID 16303245
MeSH DNA Methylation* DNA, Neoplasm / genetics* Epigenesis, Genetic Female Gene Expression Profiling Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic / genetics* Genes, Neoplasm / genetics* Humans Ovarian Neoplasms / genetics* Promoter Regions, Genetic / genetics* Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction Tumor Cells, Cultured Tumor Suppressor Proteins / genetics*
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Human and Animal Cells HTOA(RCB0692) JHOS-2(RCB1521)