RRC ID 42600
Author Arasaki K, Taniguchi M, Tani K, Tagaya M.
Title RINT-1 regulates the localization and entry of ZW10 to the syntaxin 18 complex.
Journal Mol. Biol. Cell
Abstract RINT-1 was first identified as a Rad50-interacting protein that participates in radiation-induced G2/M checkpoint control. We have recently reported that RINT-1, together with the dynamitin-interacting protein ZW10 and others, is associated with syntaxin 18, an endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-localized SNARE involved in membrane trafficking between the ER and Golgi. To address the role of RINT-1 in membrane trafficking, we examined the effects of overexpression and knockdown of RINT-1 on Golgi morphology and protein transport from the ER. Overexpression of the N-terminal region of RINT-1, which is responsible for the interaction with ZW10, caused redistribution of ZW10. Concomitantly, ER-to-Golgi transport was blocked and the Golgi was dispersed. Knockdown of RINT-1 also disrupted membrane trafficking between the ER and Golgi. Notably, silencing of RINT-1 resulted in a reduction in the amount of ZW10 associated with syntaxin 18, concomitant with ZW10 redistribution. In contrast, no redistribution or release of RINT-1 from the syntaxin 18 complex was observed when ZW10 expression was reduced. These results taken together suggest that RINT-1 coordinates the localization and function of ZW10 by serving as a link between ZW10 and the SNARE complex comprising syntaxin 18.
Volume 17(6)
Pages 2780-8
Published 2006-6
DOI 10.1091/mbc.e05-10-0973
PII E05-10-0973
PMID 16571679
PMC PMC1474792
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