RRC ID 46919
Author Kopecká M, Yamaguchi M.
Title Ultrastructural disorder of actin mutant suggests uncoupling of actin-dependent pathway from microtubule-dependent pathway in budding yeast.
Journal J Electron Microsc (Tokyo)
Abstract Temperature-sensitive actin mutant of Saccharomyces cerevisiae act1-1 was studied at a permissive temperature of 23°C by light, fluorescent and electron microscopy to elucidate the roles of actin cytoskeleton in the cycling eukaryotic cells. Mutant cells that grew slowly at the permissive temperature showed aberrations in the cytoskeleton and cell cycle. Mutant cells contained aberrant 'faint actin cables,' that failed in directing of mitochondria, vacuoles and secretory vesicles to the bud and the stray vesicles delivered their content to the mother wall instead of the bud. Bud growth was delayed. Spindle pole bodies and cytoplasmic microtubules did not direct to the bud, and nucleus failed to migrate to the bud. Repeated nuclear divisions produced multinucleated cells, indicating continued cycling of actin mutant cells that failed in the morphogenetic checkpoint, the spindle position checkpoint and cytokinesis. Thus, a single actin mutation appears to indicate uncoupling in space and time of the 'actin cytoskeleton-dependent cytoplasmic pathway of bud development and organelle positioning and inheritance' from the 'microtubule-dependent nuclear division pathway' in a budding yeast cell cycle.
Volume 60(6)
Pages 379-91
Published 2011-12
DOI 10.1093/jmicro/dfr073
PII dfr073
PMID 22003229
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