RRC ID 4721
Author Sato K, Matsunaga TM, Futahashi R, Kojima T, Mita K, Banno Y, Fujiwara H.
Title Positional cloning of a Bombyx wingless locus flugellos (fl) reveals a crucial role for fringe that is specific for wing morphogenesis.
Journal Genetics
Abstract Mutations at the flügellos (fl) locus in Bombyx mori produce wingless pupae and moths because of the repressed response of wing discs to ecdysteroid. Four recessive fl alleles occurred spontaneously and were mapped at 13.0 of the silkworm genetic linkage group 10. By positional cloning, we confirmed that the gene responsible for fl is fringe (fng) encoding Fng glycosyltransferase, which is involved in regulating the Notch signaling pathway. In four different fl alleles, we detected a large deletion of the fng gene in fl(k) and nonsense mutations in fl, fl(o), and fl(n). In the wild-type (WT) silkworm, fng is expressed actively in the wing discs, brain, and reproductive organs from the fourth to final instars but barely in the other tissues tested. In situ hybridization showed that fng mRNA is expressed in the dorsal layer of the WT wing discs. The wingless (wg) mRNA, a downstream marker of Fng-mediated Notch signaling, is localized at the dorsoventral boundary in the WT wing discs but repressed markedly in the fl wing discs. Although null mutants of Drosophila fng result in postembryonic lethality, loss of fng function in Bombyx affects only wing morphogenesis, suggesting different essential roles for fng in tissue differentiation among insects.
Volume 179(2)
Pages 875-85
Published 2008-6
DOI 10.1534/genetics.107.082784
PII genetics.107.082784
Description fl(無翅)の原因遺伝子はグリコシル転移酵素をコードするfngである。u03系統(fl/fl)では、fngのエクソン3に103bpの欠失が存在する。u04系統8flk/flk)では、fngの5’側を含んだ300kb以上の大きな欠失が存在する。u05系統(fln/fln)では、fngのエクソン2と3が重複している。
PMID 18505883
PMC PMC2429881
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