RRC ID 48823
著者 Watanabe K, Bizen N, Sato N, Takebayashi H.
タイトル Endoplasmic Reticulum-Localized Transmembrane Protein Dpy19L1 Is Required for Neurite Outgrowth.
ジャーナル PLoS ONE
Abstract The endoplasmic reticulum (ER), including the nuclear envelope, is a continuous and intricate membrane-bound organelle responsible for various cellular functions. In neurons, the ER network is found in cell bodies, axons, and dendrites. Recent studies indicate the involvement of the ER network in neuronal development, such as neuronal migration and axonal outgrowth. However, the regulation of neural development by ER-localized proteins is not fully understood. We previously reported that the multi-transmembrane protein Dpy19L1 is required for neuronal migration in the developing mouse cerebral cortex. A Dpy19L family member, Dpy19L2, which is a causative gene for human Globozoospermia, is suggested to act as an anchor of the acrosome to the nuclear envelope. In this study, we found that the patterns of exogenous Dpy19L1 were partially coincident with the ER, including the nuclear envelope in COS-7 cells at the level of the light microscope. The reticular distribution of Dpy19L1 was disrupted by microtubule depolymerization that induces retraction of the ER. Furthermore, Dpy19L1 showed a similar distribution pattern with a ER marker protein in embryonic mouse cortical neurons. Finally, we showed that Dpy19L1 knockdown mediated by siRNA resulted in decreased neurite outgrowth in cultured neurons. These results indicate that transmembrane protein Dpy19L1 is localized to the ER membrane and regulates neurite extension during development.
巻・号 11(12)
ページ e0167985
公開日 2016
DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0167985
PII PONE-D-16-30455
PMID 27959946
PMC PMC5154530
MeSH Animals COS Cells Cells, Cultured Cercopithecus aethiops Cerebral Cortex / cytology Cerebral Cortex / metabolism Endoplasmic Reticulum / metabolism Female Membrane Proteins / genetics Membrane Proteins / metabolism* Mice Mice, Inbred ICR Neuronal Outgrowth* Neurons / cytology Neurons / metabolism Protein Transport
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遺伝子材料 pCMV-Dpy19L1-GFP (RDB15087)