RRC ID 49272
Author Otani T, Ogura Y, Misaki K, Maeda T, Kimpara A, Yonemura S, Hayashi S.
Title IKKε inhibits PKC to promote Fascin-dependent actin bundling.
Journal Development
Abstract Signaling molecules have pleiotropic functions and are activated by various extracellular stimuli. Protein kinase C (PKC) is activated by diverse receptors, and its dysregulation is associated with diseases including cancer. However, how the undesired activation of PKC is prevented during development remains poorly understood. We have previously shown that a protein kinase, IKKε, is active at the growing bristle tip and regulates actin bundle organization during Drosophila bristle morphogenesis. Here, we demonstrate that IKKε regulates the actin bundle localization of a dynamic actin cross-linker, Fascin. IKKε inhibits PKC, thereby protecting Fascin from inhibitory phosphorylation. Excess PKC activation is responsible for the actin bundle defects in IKKε-deficient bristles, whereas PKC is dispensable for bristle morphogenesis in wild-type bristles, indicating that PKC is repressed by IKKε in wild-type bristle cells. These results suggest that IKKε prevents excess activation of PKC during bristle morphogenesis.
Volume 143(20)
Pages 3806-3816
Published 2016-10-15
DOI 10.1242/dev.138495
PII dev.138495
PMID 27578797
PMC PMC5087637
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IF 5.611
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DNA material pUAST-PKC53E-EGFP (RDB15213) pUAST-IKKe-GFP (RDB15216) pUAST-IKKe-IRES-mKO (RDB15217) pUAST-IKKe[K41A]-myc (RDB15219) pUAST-IKKe[K41A]-GFP (RDB15220) pUAST-IKKe[K41A]-IRES-mKO (RDB15221).