RRC ID 50634
Author Morita M, Sato T, Nomura M, Sakamoto Y, Inoue Y, Tanaka R, Ito S, Kurosawa K, Yamaguchi K, Sugiura Y, Takizaki H, Yamashita Y, Katakura R, Sato I, Kawai M, Okada Y, Watanabe H, Kondoh G, Matsumoto S, Kishimoto A, Obata M, Matsumoto M, Fukuhara T, Motohashi H, Suematsu M, Komatsu M, Nakayama KI, Watanabe T, Soga T, Shima H, Maemondo M, Tanuma N.
Title PKM1 Confers Metabolic Advantages and Promotes Cell-Autonomous Tumor Cell Growth.
Journal Cancer Cell
Abstract -induced or carcinogen-initiated mouse models or in some human cancers. Analysis of Pkm mutant mouse lines expressing specific PKM isoforms established that PKM1 boosts tumor growth cell intrinsically. PKM1 activated glucose catabolism and stimulated autophagy/mitophagy, favoring malignancy. Importantly, we observed that pulmonary neuroendocrine tumors (NETs), including small-cell lung cancer (SCLC), express PKM1, and that PKM1 expression is required for SCLC cell proliferation. Our findings provide a rationale for targeting PKM1 therapeutically in certain cancer subtypes, including pulmonary NETs.
Volume 33(3)
Pages 355-367.e7
Published 2018-3-12
DOI 10.1016/j.ccell.2018.02.004
PII S1535-6108(18)30057-6
PMID 29533781
IF 22.844
DNA material AxCANCre (RDB01748).