RRC ID 51849
Author Yoshino A, Polouliakh N, Meguro A, Takeuchi M, Kawagoe T, Mizuki N.
Title Chum salmon egg extracts induce upregulation of collagen type I and exert antioxidative effects on human dermal fibroblast cultures.
Journal Clin Interv Aging
Abstract Components of fish roe possess antioxidant and antiaging activities, making them potentially very beneficial natural resources. Here, we investigated chum salmon eggs (CSEs) as a source of active ingredients, including vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, and proteins. We incubated human dermal fibroblast cultures for 48 hours with high and low concentrations of CSE extracts and analyzed changes in gene expression. Cells treated with CSE extract showed concentration-dependent upregulation of collagen type I genes and of multiple antioxidative genes, including OXR1, TXNRD1, and PRDX family genes. We further conducted in silico phylogenetic footprinting analysis of promoter regions. These results suggested that transcription factors such as acute myeloid leukemia-1a and cyclic adenosine monophosphate response element-binding protein may be involved in the observed upregulation of antioxidative genes. Our results support the idea that CSEs are strong candidate sources of antioxidant materials and cosmeceutically effective ingredients.
Volume 11
Pages 1159-68
Published 2016
DOI 10.2147/CIA.S102092
PII cia-11-1159
PMID 27621603
PMC PMC5010078
MeSH Animals Antioxidants / metabolism* Cells, Cultured Collagen Type I / metabolism* Eggs* Female Fibroblasts / drug effects* Gene Expression Humans Oncorhynchus keta* Tissue Extracts / pharmacology* Up-Regulation
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