RRC ID 53239
Author Lefebvre C, Largeau C, Michelet X, Fourrage C, Maniere X, Matic I, Legouis R, Culetto E.
Title The ESCRT-II proteins are involved in shaping the sarcoplasmic reticulum in C. elegans.
Journal J. Cell. Sci.
Abstract The sarcoplasmic reticulum is a network of tubules and cisternae localized in close association with the contractile apparatus, and regulates Ca(2+)dynamics within striated muscle cell. The sarcoplasmic reticulum maintains its shape and organization despite repeated muscle cell contractions, through mechanisms which are still under investigation. The ESCRT complexes are essential to organize membrane subdomains and modify membrane topology in multiple cellular processes. Here, we report for the first time that ESCRT-II proteins play a role in the maintenance of sarcoplasmic reticulum integrity inC. elegans ESCRT-II proteins colocalize with the sarcoplasmic reticulum marker ryanodine receptor UNC-68. The localization at the sarcoplasmic reticulum of ESCRT-II and UNC-68 are mutually dependent. Furthermore, the characterization of ESCRT-II mutants revealed a fragmentation of the sarcoplasmic reticulum network, associated with an alteration of Ca(2+)dynamics. Our data provide evidence that ESCRT-II proteins are involved in sarcoplasmic reticulum shaping.
Volume 129(7)
Pages 1490-9
Published 2016-4-1
DOI 10.1242/jcs.178467
PII jcs.178467
PMID 26906413
PMC PMC6518307
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