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Author Park SH, Lee CW, Lee JH, Park JY, Roshandell M, Brennan CA, Choe KM.
Title Requirement for and polarized localization of integrin proteins during Drosophila wound closure.
Journal Mol Biol Cell
Abstract Wound reepithelialization is an evolutionarily conserved process in which skin cells migrate as sheets to heal the breach and is critical to prevent infection but impaired in chronic wounds. Integrin heterodimers mediate attachment between epithelia and underlying extracellular matrix and also act in large signaling complexes. The complexity of the mammalian wound environment and evident redundancy among integrins has impeded determination of their specific contributions to reepithelialization. Taking advantage of the genetic tools and smaller number of integrins in Drosophila, we undertook a systematic in vivo analysis of integrin requirements in the reepithelialization of skin wounds in the larva. We identify αPS2-βPS and αPS3-βPS as the crucial integrin dimers and talin as the only integrin adhesion component required for reepithelialization. The integrins rapidly accumulate in a JNK-dependent manner in a few rows of cells surrounding a wound. Intriguingly, the integrins localize to the distal margin in these cells, instead of the frontal or lamellipodial distribution expected for proteins providing traction and recruit nonmuscle myosin II to the same location. These findings indicate that signaling roles of integrins may be important for epithelial polarization around wounds and lay the groundwork for using Drosophila to better understand integrin contributions to reepithelialization.
Volume 29(18)
Pages 2137-2147
Published 2018-9-1
DOI 10.1091/mbc.E17-11-0635
PMID 29995573
PMC PMC6249799
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