RRC ID 56289
Author Kiyosawa H, Mise N, Iwase S, Hayashizaki Y, Abe K.
Title Disclosing hidden transcripts: mouse natural sense-antisense transcripts tend to be poly(A) negative and nuclear localized.
Journal Genome Res
Abstract Genome-wide in silico analysis identified thousands of natural sense-antisense transcript (SAT) pairs in the mouse transcriptome. We investigated their expression using strand-specific oligo-microarray that distinguishes expression of sense and antisense RNA from 1947 SAT pairs. The majority of the predicted SATs are expressed at various steady-state levels in various tissues, and cluster analysis of the array data demonstrated that the ratio of sense and antisense expression for some of the SATs fluctuated markedly among these tissues, while the rest was unchanged. Surprisingly, further analyses indicated that vast amounts of multiple-sized transcripts are expressed from the SAT loci, which tended to be poly(A) negative, and nuclear localized. The tendency that the SATs are often not polyadenylated is conserved, even in the randomly chosen SAT genes in the plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Such common characteristics imply general roles of the SATs in regulation of gene expression.
Volume 15(4)
Pages 463-74
Published 2005-4-1
DOI 10.1101/gr.3155905
PII gr.3155905
PMID 15781571
PMC PMC1074361
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