RRC ID 57399
Author Matsuno M, Horiuchi J, Yuasa Y, Ofusa K, Miyashita T, Masuda T, Saitoe M.
Title Long-term memory formation in Drosophila requires training-dependent glial transcription.
Journal J Neurosci
Abstract Long-term memory (LTM) formation requires de novo gene expression in neurons, and subsequent structural and functional modification of synapses. However, the importance of gene expression in glia during this process has not been well studied. In this report, we characterize a cell adhesion molecule, Klingon (Klg), which is required for LTM formation in Drosophila. We found that Klg localizes to the juncture between neurons and glia, and expression in both cell types is required for LTM. We further found that expression of a glial gene, repo, is reduced in klg mutants and knockdown lines. repo expression is required for LTM, and expression increases upon LTM induction. In addition, increasing repo expression in glia is sufficient to restore LTM in klg knockdown lines. These data indicate that neuronal activity enhances Klg-mediated neuron-glia interactions, causing an increase in glial expression of repo. Repo is a homeodomain transcription factor, suggesting that further downstream glial gene expression is also required for LTM.
Volume 35(14)
Pages 5557-65
Published 2015-4-8
DOI 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3865-14.2015
PII 35/14/5557
PMID 25855172
PMC PMC6605317
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