RRC ID 58313
Author Yaginuma H, Kawai S, Tabata KV, Tomiyama K, Kakizuka A, Komatsuzaki T, Noji H, Imamura H.
Title Diversity in ATP concentrations in a single bacterial cell population revealed by quantitative single-cell imaging.
Journal Sci Rep
Abstract Recent advances in quantitative single-cell analysis revealed large diversity in gene expression levels between individual cells, which could affect the physiology and/or fate of each cell. In contrast, for most metabolites, the concentrations were only measureable as ensemble averages of many cells. In living cells, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a critically important metabolite that powers many intracellular reactions. Quantitative measurement of the absolute ATP concentration in individual cells has not been achieved because of the lack of reliable methods. In this study, we developed a new genetically-encoded ratiometric fluorescent ATP indicator "QUEEN", which is composed of a single circularly-permuted fluorescent protein and a bacterial ATP binding protein. Unlike previous FRET-based indicators, QUEEN was apparently insensitive to bacteria growth rate changes. Importantly, intracellular ATP concentrations of numbers of bacterial cells calculated from QUEEN fluorescence were almost equal to those from firefly luciferase assay. Thus, QUEEN is suitable for quantifying the absolute ATP concentration inside bacteria cells. Finally, we found that, even for a genetically-identical Escherichia coli cell population, absolute concentrations of intracellular ATP were significantly diverse between individual cells from the same culture, by imaging QUEEN signals from single cells.
Volume 4
Pages 6522
Published 2014-10-6
DOI 10.1038/srep06522
PII srep06522
PMID 25283467
PMC PMC4185378
MeSH Adenosine Triphosphate / metabolism* Diagnostic Imaging* Escherichia coli / metabolism* Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Fluorescent Dyes* Green Fluorescent Proteins / analysis Green Fluorescent Proteins / metabolism* Microscopy, Fluorescence Single-Cell Analysis / methods*
IF 3.998
Times Cited 131
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