RRC ID 58331
Author Best BT, Leptin M.
Title Multiple Requirements for Rab GTPases in the Development of Drosophila Tracheal Dorsal Branches and Terminal Cells.
Journal G3 (Bethesda)
Abstract The tracheal epithelium in fruit fly larvae is a popular model for multi- and unicellular migration and morphogenesis. Like all epithelial cells, tracheal cells use Rab GTPases to organize their internal membrane transport, resulting in the specific localization or secretion of proteins on the apical or basal membrane compartments. Some contributions of Rabs to junctional remodelling and governance of tracheal lumen contents are known, but it is reasonable to assume that they play important further roles in morphogenesis. This pertains in particular to terminal tracheal cells, specialized branch-forming cells that drastically reshape both their apical and basal membrane during the larval stages. We performed a loss-of-function screen in the tracheal system, knocking down endogenously tagged alleles of 26 Rabs by targeting the tag via RNAi. This revealed that at least 14 Rabs are required to ensure proper cell fate specification and migration of the dorsal branches, as well as their epithelial fusion with the contralateral dorsal branch. The screen implicated four Rabs in the subcellular morphogenesis of terminal cells themselves. Further tests suggested residual gene function after knockdown, leading us to discuss the limitations of this approach. We conclude that more Rabs than identified here may be important for tracheal morphogenesis, and that the tracheal system offers great opportunities for studying several Rabs that have barely been characterized so far.
Volume 10(3)
Pages 1099-1112
Published 2020-3-5
DOI 10.1534/g3.119.400967
PII g3.119.400967
PMID 31980432
PMC PMC7056964
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