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Author Lin T, Kao HH, Chou CH, Chou CY, Liao YC, Lee HH.
Title Rab11 activation by Ik2 kinase is required for dendrite pruning in Drosophila sensory neurons.
Journal PLoS Genet
Abstract Neuronal pruning is a commonly observed phenomenon for the developing nervous systems to ensure precise wiring of neural circuits. The function of Ik2 kinase and its downstream mediator, Spindle-F (Spn-F), are essential for dendrite pruning of Drosophila sensory neurons during development. However, little is known about how Ik2/Spn-F signaling is transduced in neurons and ultimately results in dendrite pruning. Our genetic analyses and rescue experiments demonstrated that the small GTPase Rab11, especially the active GTP-bound form, is required for dendrite pruning. We also found that Rab11 shows genetic interactions with spn-F and ik2 on pruning. Live imaging of single neurons and antibody staining reveal normal Ik2 kinase activation in Rab11 mutant neurons, suggesting that Rab11 could have a functional connection downstream of and/or parallel to the Ik2 kinase signaling. Moreover, we provide biochemical evidence that both the Ik2 kinase activity and the formation of Ik2/Spn-F/Rab11 complexes are central to promote Rab11 activation in cells. Together, our studies reveal that a critical role of Ik2/Spn-F signaling in neuronal pruning is to promote Rab11 activation, which is crucial for dendrite pruning in neurons.
Volume 16(2)
Pages e1008626
Published 2020-2-1
DOI 10.1371/journal.pgen.1008626
PMID 32059017
PMC PMC7046344
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