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Author Tang NH, Kim KW, Xu S, Blazie SM, Yee BA, Yeo GW, Jin Y, Chisholm AD.
Title The mRNA Decay Factor CAR-1/LSM14 Regulates Axon Regeneration via Mitochondrial Calcium Dynamics.
Journal Curr Biol
Abstract mRNA decay factors regulate mRNA turnover by recruiting non-translating mRNAs and targeting them for translational repression and mRNA degradation. How mRNA decay pathways regulate cellular function in vivo with specificity is poorly understood. Here, we show that C. elegans mRNA decay factors, including the translational repressors CAR-1/LSM14 and CGH-1/DDX6, and the decapping enzymes DCAP-1/DCP1, function in neurons to differentially regulate axon development, maintenance, and regrowth following injury. In neuronal cell bodies, CAR-1 fully colocalizes with CGH-1 and partially colocalizes with DCAP-1, suggesting that mRNA decay components form at least two types of cytoplasmic granules. Following axon injury in adult neurons, loss of CAR-1 or CGH-1 results in increased axon regrowth and growth cone formation, whereas loss of DCAP-1 or DCAP-2 results in reduced regrowth. To determine how CAR-1 inhibits regrowth, we analyzed mRNAs bound to pan-neuronally expressed GFP::CAR-1 using a crosslinking and immunoprecipitation-based approach. Among the putative mRNA targets of CAR-1, we characterized the roles of micu-1, a regulator of the mitochondrial calcium uniporter MCU-1, in axon injury. We show that loss of car-1 results increased MICU-1 protein levels, and that enhanced axon regrowth in car-1 mutants is dependent on micu-1 and mcu-1. Moreover, axon injury induces transient calcium influx into axonal mitochondria, dependent on MCU-1. In car-1 loss-of-function mutants and in micu-1 overexpressing animals, the axonal mitochondrial calcium influx is more sustained, which likely underlies enhanced axon regrowth. Our data uncover a novel pathway that controls axon regrowth through axonal mitochondrial calcium uptake.
Volume 30(5)
Pages 865-876.e7
Published 2020-3-9
DOI 10.1016/j.cub.2019.12.061
PII S0960-9822(19)31694-X
PMID 31983639
PMC PMC7147385
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